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Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again" (NOW ON PS4 & XBOX)


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33 minutes ago, bradigor said:

This is on my radar for streaming in the new year. Just need to think of a series name. I have no idea how to play so should be fun 

I can’t imagine it’d be particularly interesting to watch on stream tbh! Lots of reading to be done, lots of staring at menus and so on. 

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7 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:





Meet the Sacred Flurgleblarg Empire. The Flurgleblargians are an authoritarian,  xenophobic, spiritual society of environmentalists, making good use of nature's bounty and now seeking to explore and, ultimately, conquer the galaxy, flooding whole worlds via their aquaforming projects to make them habitable for future generations of space jellyfish. 


Oh, I bought all the DLC. Like, all of it.

+1 for Tarcadal. :lol:

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I’ve been pootling along as my jelly fish people and I’m currently in 10th place according to the score board with a score of 1800ish. 

The people in first have 44k. Fucking crikey. 

Anyway, I’ve only found three additional worlds to colonise amongst about 30 systems so my empire hasn’t really spread all that much. I keep capping out on consumer goods, food and whatever the money is called and having to sell large chunks on the market. 

My first leader died at the age of 69. She had a drug problem due to the stress of the post. My next leader is now 79 so probably not long for this world. 

I found a wandering heard of giant space squid. Turns out they were harmless and just fly between star systems not doing much…until I flew into their home system which, due to the very specific mix of environmental and atmospheric variables is the only place on the whole galaxy where these space squid can make babies. It was an orgy in there and I’m sure my xenophobic scientists wish they could unsee the erotic horrors they witnessed. Must have been the like hentai on a colossal scale. 

Loving the game, anyway. 

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