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TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge


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I don't think I'm ever going to get around the tt without falling off. My concentration levels won't allow it. They refuse to engage with the apex and instead just see hedges ahead. Too many hedges and I break down and smash into a wall. Especially that right bending wall half way through that gets me every time. Or that little concrete block also half way through on a right bend that gets everyone. 


All I wanted to do was beat Peter Hickman's all time lap record. Is that asking for much really?


I've got 17:29 with about 5 crashes. You fall off once then more quickly follow because you're so distracted by the previous one, like Andy Murray 10 years ago unable to get over unforced errors. 


I've adjusted my McGuinness Norton to favour acceleration over top speed and quicker braking but I don't know what I'm doing so the bike does seem more eager to flip out on little bumps. I have to let off every time but it still catches me out. I watched some interviews with Hickman and he did actually say he played a tt game on the ps2 and learnt the track that way 'as daft as it seems'. Never knew about a ps2 tt game. 


Also watched two tt riders play ride on the edge 2 on youtube, one who had never played the game, the other who had and said he plays it weeks before just to refamilairse. Straight away I'm thinking his lines are so much better than mine. Mine aren't even lines, more I'll break to a still on this corner then power out. I don't do breaking to the correct speed then use the line. Doing that leaves me turning in too much and smashing my head on a wall again. 


I've taken the Cuphead approach of not giving up; just keep having another go even if you don't want to. Turning the sound down so the wind doesn't distract. Turning off the track map so I don't take my eyes off the road, turn off the timer so I don't compare sections, turn off the speedometer because it's also there. 


I've changed my mind, the tt is hard and real life riders are mental. I watched a video of Dunlop and he caught up to 3 riders and spent minutes getting past one, then 5 minutes following the others. The shadows of the trees are so dark you can't see what's ahead. It was nerve wracking watching him try to get past while also navigating the course. That would put me off. He tries to squeeze past then pulls back multiple times.


Ultimately when on the bike they don't view it as insane, they know the course, they're in full control, the timings to turn are hardwired into them. I read an interview with a tt rider who said he had a crash so couldn't compete, watched by the side like everyone else and he said it looks so much more insane that he had to forget about it or else he'll never be able to ride again.


I was thinking; what is more insane, free soloing like Alex Honnold or racing the tt. Again Honnold doesn't view it as crazy when he's doing it, he's just pushed his comfort zone further and further until what was once ridiculous now feels right. In such a headspace where he feels in total control.


I often think though..when Tom Daley was diving in the Olympics, in preliminary he scored some of the highest points ever, a certain gold, but when diving in the semis to reach the final his body wasn't moving how he wanted and he messed up his dives and didn't make the final. Daley can't pick the day when he's up for it, Honnold can, but it's just that thing of your body not doing exactly what the mind is telling it, how can you always be absolutely perfect with that. The levels of concentration needed.


I think with Honnold it comes back to his love of climbing, there's no doubt or fear because he 100% wants to be in that position. He thinks him knowing he won't fall off means he won't fall off. Maybe there's something meditative and spiritual about it. There are other free solo climbers but none who do 3000ft climbs. There are a lot of tt riders who go around near to the 135mph record. A lot of climbers just won't solo at all. 


Honnold can't control a mouse running out of a crack, or how the weather affects the rock, or needing a poo 2000ft up (none of these things bother him). Tt rider can't control oil on the track, or mechanical failure of the bike.


that video


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I'd like to see this at 60fps, if ever anyone puts a video up. 


I've tried to do another crash-less lap with different bikes with better configurations but pretty much throw the bike 8 seconds in. I was averaging 1:16 for the first section, and can get 1:13 so maybe over the course can take off 40 seconds. It's fun to tinker with the bike, i got 1:12 eventually, 78th best on the leaderboard which I'm happy with. Someone is taking 4 seconds off that in 5 corners which i thought was impossible. Would love to see it. 

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On 05/03/2021 at 11:11, scoobysi said:

Interesting, looks like there was a sale on this in January (£15.99) so I’ll stick it in my wish-list as hopefully they might promote it again now this patch is out.


I didn’t think PS5 did 1440P though?


As I recall it couldn't output 1440P.


Nothing stopping it rendering at 1440P and upscaling the output to 4k.

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Picked the first of these up on CDKeys for a little over £2 and it's starting to click in career mode, though I don't appear to be making much money and am still riding the Triumph Daytona I bought at the start.


That's fine though as it's ace to ride (aiming for the Norton). 


Using dual braking, so have the throttle and rear brake on the right stick, the front brake on the left trigger. I'm just getting used to that then I'll switch to manual gears.


I've got rid of the HUD though, feels like it's too far on the edges of the screen so trying to get even the slightest bit of info off it is too much of a distraction and I've ridden better using just the helmet cam and the bikes dash (I did turn off the dynamic helmet movements though)


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Love your video @Loik V credern


Did you use the chase cam? Or was that a replay? 


If you did, did you not find the bike placement a distraction. As said above, I use the helmet cam with the dynamic movement off because I found it distracting and I naturally look "into" the corner. 


Does that camera obstruct you looking down the circuit at what's coming or do you tend to react to what's coming? And did you have the racing line on as an additional guide? I have it turned on more as a reminder than anything as I often find it's a little too cautious and I'm taking some corners flat out where it wants me to lift.


I've not done the full course yet, just working my way through the career mode.

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It really is. Runs really nice on PS5, super smooth, I’ve noticed a tiny bit of pop in (Airport track so very long straight) but negligible really and it runs super smooth. Just had a quick race round a Loch in the Irish Championship, the DriveClub vibes are strong in this 😀.


I bought it just to race the TT Course but many of the other tracks are really good too.

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18 minutes ago, wev said:

I took my Dad for a lap of it last time he visited, he was telling me what corner was coming up next and was nearly giving me pace notes 😂

Funny, although not realistic, I was thinking last night that pace notes would be a nice option rather than a driving line. Can I borrow your Dad 🤣.

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Good timing to bring this thread back - sequel has just been announced for next year! 




As a many time visitor to the TT this sounds great! 



According to reports, the game will feature 32 different circuits - both current and historical - and nearly 40 superbike and supersport machines.

A new 'open roads' feature is also expected to be added, allowing players to travel freely around 124km of rounds around the Isle of Man.

In this mode, there will be points of interest and challenges to complete.



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