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TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge


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2 hours ago, Boozy The Clown said:

I've had a couple of go's so far and it's very good. The wind noise gets exponentially louder as you approach top speed adding to the sense of knife edge terror. 


I think I've found a cure for my FM7 addiction.


Sounds promising - unlike what is going on on the official facebook page.  Getting panned! 

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Got to say I'm enjoying it so far as well. No idea what is going on with some of those videos on Facebook where the bike veers offline wildly if you let off the throttle. Not had that happen at all in the hour or so that I've played so far.


The bike handling isn't as good as the original PS2 game, or Ride 2 for that matter, but isn't anywhere near as bad as some are saying on Facebook. I'd love to know how many of them have actually ridden a bike that are simply declaring the physics as shit. The only disappointment for me so far, is that it doesn't seem particularly enhanced for a supposed X enhanced game. 

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2 hours ago, SteveH said:

Shame they still haven't fixed the physics bug that randomly throws you off the bike for no reason.

Has it perhaps got a “balls bigger than brain” option that you’ve accidentally engaged :)

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Sequel confirmed.



Since this has popped up as a Game with Gold.


I went back to this and after the tutorial chose to try a different control method to stop myself "driving" a bike. I opted to use the right stick for throttle and brake, and went with manual gears on the shoulder buttons. It took a wee while and largely learning to just ride the bike efficiently rather than race round the course. I'm using on the bike with dash cam and headphones up full bung and it's pretty amazing just touring the Island and taking it easy for a full lap. I'd recommend ignoring the career and other tracks and treat it solely as a time trial experience. The AI will just knock you down anyway. Repeat the first section until you can do it without falling off. Then the second, then together until you have  familiarity with the track and can switch the map off. 


I recommend the Supersport  Peter Hickman Triumph Daytona 675  (Iron Maiden Eddie The Trooper Graphic.)


I'll start posting times for Section 1


How to TT 


Solo > Time Attack > Snaefel Mountain Course > Sections > Start 1 End 1 > Noon > Choose Bike

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I got this on the last day it was on GWG and absolutely loving it.


The sense of speed is insane, as is the sense of achievement as you climb the learning curve.


Physics remind me of the very old PC game GP500, and it’s the first bike game I’ve played where the helmet cam seems usable.


The speed, combined with the wonderfully realised track, and the fact that – this is a real thing. People actually do this and somehow don’t die as frequently as they do, gives it a flavour unlike anything else.


I don’t think you need class-leading physics when you’ve got that track, and the sheer biomechanical element of riding a fast motorcycle means it’s probably impossible to truly simulate in the way you can with driving a car anyway.


It is a very ‘90s game in a lot of ways – one licence, one set of tracks and bikes, and that’s it, but it’s just that track. Finishing my first lap where I didn’t fall off (on a supersport- nowhere near brave enough to take on a superbike) was a massive sense of a win. Though off the top of my head, I can’t remember my current time.



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This is amazing, the Ireland track omg. Ride On The Edge 2 I'm playing..There's a real thrill not just to the speed obviously but the unexpected length of the lap, I was 10 minutes in before I realized I hadn't reached lap 2 yet..then there were hills and it's that sense of progressing through a course that I miss from modern racers. Watching other car and rally racers..they can't compare to the thrill of this, even if it's not 60 fps. I'm just gonna say the most outrageous thing, brace yourself, and it's not even game related..but the tt course.. yeah it don't seem so difficult to me. (poor grammar intended). I only fell off 10 times every attempt but there's so few corners! And it feels over so soon. Current time is 20:30. Only had the game a few days! 


The weight, feel and handling is spot on. Watching videos of Tourist Trophy...no knee down. Ride 3..why is the rider so round. There's an unparalleled thrill to deaccelerating before committing to a corner at full pelt not knowing whether you'll clip a curb or a bit of grass. It's not like anything I've played before in that regard, it's about the fractions of a second when you need to subtly adjust your angle. 


I didn't check the camera automatically adjusting so the helmet view was impossible. I wanted to see someone on YouTube go through the tt without banging into every wall. Found one. Unticked without the swaying it might be feasible for me.


My nitpicks are I'd like a closer third person camera, multiple times you get per track listed and the bike, and name input. Maybe with sequels, more countries. Also I bought this for split screen cos my brothers love watching/riding bikes and i wanted to race them with their superior knowledge and experience and see how we fare*. It not having split screen, something just default in all racers I've played since i was 6 years old is one of those surprising modern gaming things where it's just deemed redundant. I couldn't find an online game of Crash Racing or Streets of Rage 4 of more than 3 players, so I doubt there's many playing this. I read the developer say with the track detail it wouldn't be possible to cram it in in split screen. ..yeah. 


*It's gonna be a task just getting my oldest brother to find time from washing the dishes and cleaning his van, 22 years since he last sat down and played a new game. But I think he's gonna be thrilled. It's not adapted for vr but I was thinking of buying that too. Imagine vr with this with 60 fps in the cinema.


Also, no way to save replays? Or again is that a feature been made redundant by ps4's video capture? If I do a perfect lap I want to save it. It's gonna take weeks I think. Obviously I want to save the lap after I nail it, not capture every attempt in case I do. 


For others more into bikes, they'll want more customising options but I'm not gonna know the difference however I tinker. I blame myself for every crash. Picking the super bikes for the tt, I only notice they're heavier and less easier to switch.


I read on Peter Hickman's wiki that before entering the tt for the first time he hired a car and went round it 70 times. I watched a video of him commentating his lap, it was like he was talking you through how to build a cabinet. Surely a game like this is invaluable to riders to familiarise themselves with the track. 


On PS4 this is currently £22. Or about that. I really recommend this to all gamers. Actually I'm going to burst into random threads and declare people buy it. It's the closest thing to F Zero X for me in a long time. 


The developers who make these motorbike games, like Moto Gp (and Ride but I've not played it) are genuine fans and they're as good as anyone could expect.

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Is the second much better than the first? I found the handling kind of floaty. I played it a bit before a visit to the real thing and it helped me memorise the course, but in real life you aren't gonna be doing high speeds as it's chock full of traffic!


I actually preferred Ride 3, but more for the supermoto stuff. That actually feels closer to riding a bike to me. It has the North West races on it (I think) which I liked. 


It annoys me that all of these games don't have a chill out mode where you can free roam the course at more sedate speeds. 


I don't think there is yet a bike game that snags the feel of road riding the same way say Ridge Racer captures the feel of driving. They're all obsessed about circuits too annoyingly.


I'd like something like Forza Horizon to just let me go explore. 

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2 hours ago, Dudley said:

It's not going to be what you're looking for physicswise but Test Drive Unlimited 1 on Xbox 360 has bikes and 1000 miles of open road.


Yeah, the physics were incredibly disappointing, because it looked quite nice and the engine sounds were amazing.


Pick an old video at random on YouTube and you're likely to find a player roleplaying at realistic speeds, which I think really highlights the appetite for sim physics in non-race environments (Red Bull Soapbox would probably get the arcade treatment and be exceptionally dull, for example). It was also a way of trying to maintain the immersion that was broken whenever you increased your pace too much, leading to the popularity of its delivery missions.

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Burnout Paradise with a bike looks great, not seen that. Ride 3 to me doesn't look quite right. Lack of body shifting.


ah someone's done a comparison video



I don't find Ride of The Edge 2 floaty at all. It's not figdety, or ever feels like that V Rally thing of sliding on the spot as the course moves around you. I feel like i'm genuinely travelling across a road at speed. I can't fault the controls, weight, feel at all. I owned a 125 bike for a bit although i can't say that would give my any difference in impressions. The V Rally thing which I'd even call kind of notorious bothered me when i was like 14.


@S0L Ride on The Edge 2 has a free roam, unless the first had one too and you want something more comprehensive. It combines all the sections of an area together, but it's not big. You'll come back around again and again but the backdrops are beautfiul. It's an unexpected enjoyment for me to see how much i'm enjoying these landscapes than i ever thought.


here's Ireland



I've played a lot of 'realistic' racing games in the past but there's always a limit on my engagement because you're always plodding along mostly on your own taking corners conservatively. There's not enough wheel to wheel action, not enough opponents and unless there's an adventure or sci fi angle then ordinary real life is never enough for me. I mean ideally i'd like 30 opponents to race against and spikes coming out of the ground but the difference with being on a bike at speed and the concerntration needed to not fall off is enough motivation for me to not get easily bored with going around a course. There's real consequence I mean, you can't be lazy really, I usually fall off and then try to chase the next rider. Spending 7 minutes catching one then banging him from behind and watching him fly into a tree..I watch Motogp a lot and it's great, the overtaking but the game, as good as I think the handling is, suffers from the less impression of speed and environment excitement as a road racer like this.

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Not the time to bring up another gripe then..it's not recording the ghost or section times when I leave a session then come back. I did get a 19:59 though on the tt. 31 second improvement! Super bike off the throttle for nearly all of it. If I'm not evading that dodgily placed fence I'm looking at the radar for half a second too long and clipping a wall. I can never be sat too close to the tv. 


When I get fed up I return to trying to finish the bosses on regular on Cuphead. :hmm:

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