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PS Plus March 2016: Broforce, Galak-Z, Super Stardust HD, The Last Guy, Flame Over, Reality Fighters

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This month saw the epic return of Vote to Play that gave power to you, the players, to choose the game you wanted to join the monthly games roster. You voted in your masses to support your bros in what could very well be called a MMBRO (massively multi-player bromance).


Here is the full list of uber-cool games that await you on 1st March:

Broforce (PS4)
Galak-Z (PS4)

Super Stardust HD (PS3)

The Last Guy (PS3)

Flame Over (PS Vita)

Reality Fighters (PS Vita)










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I actually really like the obscure Vita stuff we get on PSPlus most if the time. It's usually stuff I've never heard of and would never buy but there's still a lot of fun to be had from them. I'd rather have them than the bigger releases. This last month I've completed Nihilumbra, which was a nice small little puzzle game and Rocketbirds, which was excellent and pretty funny. But Reality Fighters? Urgh. I don't think I'll even bother wasting the bandwidth on it.  


Edit: Actually, Flame Over looks like it could be a fun diversion. Even though it looks like its robbed a load of ideas from Luigi's Mansion.

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Think I've read that Assault Android Cactus will have a 30% discount at launch. 


Interested in Broforce and Galak-Z and Flame Over does look like fun. The PS3 offerings are real slim pickings but to be fair they're kinda reaching the end of the "big" games they can offer for the platform without going for real old games or re-offering some games at this point. 

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Galak-Z is very good, but I already own it. That's some woeful shit on Vita and PS3* though, and as much as Broforce is, you know, fine, the fact it's taken the place of two vastly more interesting potentials is depressing.


*Well, Stardust HD is actually lovely, but surely everyone must own that by no

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I must admit, when you compare it to their rivals over on the xbox it is getting increasingly more dissapointing. I would much rather have 1 maybe 2 decent games for the month as oppose to a bunch of really inexpensive games across the consoles. 

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I thought Galak-Z was pretty terrible in the end to be honest. It's fairly charming, and has the best pause screen of all time but really suffers from trying to be part of the trend for being  procedurally generated.  It's frustrating, because I think with actual, intentionally designed levels it could have been pretty shit hot. 


The Last Guy is excellent though. Anyone who hasn’t played it should really give it a go.

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1 hour ago, rafaqat said:

Well it's a big change from the days of being given Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3 and Tomb Raider.

It'll be fun to try out GalakZ and Broforce but yeah, I'll probably go back to the PSPlus backlog .


You're right, those were even worse. Thanks for putting things in perspective, I feel slightly better about this month now ;)

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