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Discovery Channel's Killing Fields

Dynamo Nath

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Yes it's a film of an ongoing investigation into a re-opened cold case in Louisiana. As far as I can work out there are only 6 episodes in season 1 and I'm halfway through epi 6 at the moment. Seems unlikely they'll wrap it all up in the 30 minutes left. There's an element of "why did they pick this case?" to it plus, IMO, some major question marks about the original investigation although that could be down to the editing leaving that suggestion. But on the whole, yes it's worth watching. No word on if/when season 2 will happen.



The female detective is rather foxy! :wub:

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Yes it seemed to be picking up towards the end of 2. It's all the "shot in realtime" bullshit I'm finding jarring when juxtaposed with the fact it's anything but "realtime" and every interview or meeting seems ridiculously fake. I'm going to have to google and make sure it's real because it feels like some TV producer saw things like Staircase/Jinx et-al, decided he wanted a bit of the pie and went out and concocted this whole thing. It just doesn't feel right.

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