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Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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Why is dislike TLJ


In order of appearance


1. “Bombing run” in space

2. crank call to the 1st order where the rebels then get eradicated. Totally out of place and no reason for Poe to be so cocky

3. Poe is a fucking prick. Holdo should have had him executed for the various fuck ups never mind the mutiny

4. canto blight. Shit and waste of time.

5. Rose is annoying and out of place. She just doesn’t belong and is bland

6. Finn totally wasted and fucked up his arc from the 1st one. Reduced to comedy black dude. Pretty racist treatment of him and took him away from the Rey-shipping probably due to interracial shit.

7. No double turn for Rey and Kylo.


but the worst part is that it was clearly nothing to do with the trilogy and just seemed like a side story.


A story that Battlestar did much better with less of a budget but understandably with better writers and actors!


Oh yeh, fucked up Luke and the trilogy never mind the franchise. 

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Because she’s fucking boring.


No special backstory, no force powers...not much of a personality either.


The whole film could run just as it is without her.


Im pretty sure she was added because they needed a Chinese/Asian character to help market the film in China. Completely cynical addition.


Before peeps jump on me as some alt right racist, I thought donny yen and his sidekick were the best side characters in Rogue One.


Rose is just a complete waste of screen time.

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Her addition is pretty racist.


For all the talk of Rian being progressive, he did the dirty on the two main minority characters. 

Pairing them up was just a way to get Finn out the way so they could get Rey to ship with Kylo.








Its a running joke in Chinese/Asian communities 


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Vietnam is in Asia.

Look guys, Rose is a really shit character and the actress was really poor.


Just to contrast, her sister had much more screen presence in her one scene. 

Ironically, I found her much better in TROS in her few scenes in her rightful role as a background character.


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23 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

Just stuck this on Netflix for the weans. How fitting that Eddie Hitler's first line is "We've caught them in the middle of their evacuations!"


I can just hear Richie replying "Don't be so foul!"

This post deserves to be framed on a wall.


Another crushing disappointment of TRoS - no Grand Moff Eddie Hitler :(

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s opening weekend will land south of both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, according to domestic box office estimates Disney sent out this morning.

The Rise of Skywalker’s first weekend pulled in $175.5 million in North America, $90 million of that from the Thursday night early-bird showings and then Friday’s full premiere. Though it’s an estimated total, $175 million is still short of the top 10 among domestic opening weekends all time, behind 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

It’s also not in the same tax bracket as Skywalker’s trilogy predecessors — The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi both took more than $200 million in their debut weekends, good for third and fourth in that (domestic) category, all time. At this point, the opening weekend top 10 is largely an intramural competition, with Disney films accounting for 13 of the top 14, and six of those in the last two years.


For those of you who like The Last Jedi hold on to your DVD's. Not only are they never letting Rian near Star Wars again I wouldn't rule out a re-edit to appease the more vocal fans. (It can't be ruled out given the current state of A New Hope with it's edits and re-edits of who shot whom first.)

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2 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:


Haven't seen TROS yet.

Spare yourself, comrade. Read this:


“It turns out this Emperor isn't the real Emperor, he's actually one of Sheev’s medics that was with him in the Death Star explosion and fell into a coma for 9 years and then had plastic surgery to look like the Emperor and a large amount of hypnosis to believe he was the Emperor. Rey defeats him by placing C4 on the feet of his AT-ST”


And know that it would have made more sense than anything in the actual film.


Edit for those slow on the uptake: None of the above happens in the film, it's a Metal Gear joke. You're having panic attacks over nothing, it's akin to thinking Godzilla eating or not eating Kylo counts is a spoiler.

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