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I'm not sure this is the right place, having done a quick couple of searches I found a blog thread and then lost it again so I am starting this up.

I am intending to start blogging on my exploits into the gaming world. I've been playing games as long as I can remember and I want to keep a record of it, of each world I get lost in, something that can remind me why I loved a certain game so much, or why I put one down mid way through.

Anyway my reason for this thread is to find out why people blog, is it for fame? People acknowledging your work / achievements? Is it for yourself?

How often do you write a blog? Sites you might use to write them?

I'm generally a quiet person, even moreso in day to day life, so I want something, a way to express myself, so I am going to give this a go. With the view to potentially write short gaming reviews in the future. Who knows it may pick up and I can do it full time. But for now it's for me.

So just looking for why and what you write about really.

If you read blogs, why do you read them?

As for me personally it strikes me as being a little dull (with the odd exception, where someone can captivate me, almost like reading a book if you like).

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I guess the main thing is why do you want to write a blog? Is it as a springboard into the industry or simply for your own pleasure?

My blog is here. http://greatbritishbirdhunt.blogspot.co.uk

At first I thought it might get some notice due to the idea behind it, but it doesn't really get many views and only the odd comment now and then. I really enjoy it though, mainly as it's a way to memorise something that's important to me and highlights that my photography is very slowly improving.

I always try and update once a week, typically on a Sunday. I think consistency is important so people do know when to find new content from you. I also post updates here and on Facebook.

I think you have to be quite aggressive with sharing etc if you want to improve your view counts and site awareness, but I always find that too much work. Just do it for your own entertainment and you'll be fine.

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