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Labyrinth remake/reboot/sequel


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Interested by a seqel, but werent they already making one?

It's been a rumour that seems to circulate about every 6 months:- http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/labyrinth2.asp

If it's the same general world, it's probably not the worst thing. If it's a straight remake, yuk. I'd avoid having a Goblin King altogether, but if they do don't have him called Jareth or just copying Bowie, needs to be a take on the Goblin King, like not everyone should do Heath Ledgers Joker.

I'd like a version where Sarah goes Left instead of right and Up instead of down to be honest.

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I had an idea for a sequel to this a while back.

we'd fudge the times/ages a bit but it would essentially be a real time 30 years later sequel. Sarah is now a successful business women but never had time to have kids of her own. Her work is her life. She has few close friends and doesn't spend much time with her kid brother, who is now a grown man with a daughter the same age Sarah was in the first flick.

Our story starts when Sarah is guilt tripped into spending the weekend with that kid. They're practically strangers and don't really get on. Sarah's mind is still on work and the kid would rather be at home with her friends. This all comes to a head in a giant argument wjhere the niece tells Sarah she hates her and she wishes she never even had an Aunt...

The next day she wakes back at home and her aunt is gone. She asks her dad where Aunt Sarah is and dad is kind of freaked out. Sarah went missing when he was a baby. 30 years ago.

The kid thinks she's going nuts when that night she is visited by HOGGLE.he tells her that when she made the wish, she transported Sarah back to the Labyrinth where she has ruled as the GOBLIN QUEEN for 30 years!

Her reign has been much worse than David Bowie's Jareth's ever was. Sarah is slowly destroying the Labyrinth and soon it will be gone. He now needs the kid to come back with him as she is the only one capable of saving the Labyrinth and bringing Sarah back to reality.

So we mirror the first film just inverting who is saving who. Fun and games ensue ending in the kid helping Sarah seeing the error of her ways (both in the Labyrinth and the real world) undoing all the damage done as they return to the real world...

The kid wakes the next day to find herself back at Sarah's house with everything back to normal. They make up and deice to give this whole family thing another go. The kid unsure if Sarah has any idea what happened when we hint that maybe she knew all along.

So yeah...

I have too much time on my hands.

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