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FMTL Season 2 - Second Half fixtures are Live

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Master sheet here:

Tomox - Man City
Steam ID - Tomox02
Mardigan - PSG
Steam ID - MardiganX
Manic - Juve
Steam ID - paulgravell
Dark Soldier - Man Utd
Steam ID - darkjunglist84

Gooner4Life - Dortmund
Steam ID - gooner4life_uk


Bennette - Roma
Steam ID - Bennette98
Joffy - Spurs
Steam ID - Joffy0
Pants McSkill - Stoke
Steam ID - Pants McSkill
Mitchell - Fiorentina
Steam ID - stemitchell
Keith's Dad - 
Steam ID - PinkSock87



-Your Non-FMTL picks are tradeable!

Non-FMTL picks can be added to player purchases to 'sweeten the deal'. They cannot be used in place of cash and you must still pay the player's minimum value.


-Non-FMTL auction players now cost 20% above their minimum value to sign.

Non-FMTL signings will cost you 20% above their minimum value. So you may be better off spending a little more on other manager's players. 


-Mid-season rewards to the two teams who finish their fixtures first

To encourage 'getting a shift on'.


-Mid-season rewards for 'participation': Streaming matches, thread contribution, etc.

Those who stream matches and those who chat about them will find themselves with a little 'extra' later on.


-End of season mini-cup: Your finishing position impacts your seeding; cup performances result in boosts for Season 3

To ensure there's always something to play for.


-Goal of the Season Competition!

Upload your highlights in the thread. The best goal will win a boost for the transfer window.








-An injury suffered by a player in a match rules him out until the mid-season window (or the end of the season if in the second half fixtures). But he can be 'sponged' bringing him back to health.

-Your chairman takes 10% of your sales. Remember to factor this in when concluding deals.


-All players must be purchased for at least their minimum value.

-Direct Player 'Swap' deals are not permitted. Instead, one manager must have the funds to start the 'chain' of purchases. 

Sometimes you may find yourself selling/buying some reserve team clogger to top up an extra couple of million to get the deal done.


-You must stick within both your transfer budget and wage budget at all times.


-To free up extra wages, you may release players by using transfer funds to buy out their minimum value.







Failing that, you must post a report in the thread that includes:
The Score
The Goalscorers

The Injuries, including none
Injuries are counted as those that force a substitution. They are shown on the end of game Report screen underneath the scores.
So, in the image above Harry Kane was injured, but Sanchez (with the orange 'inj' symbol in the right hand panel) was not - these are treated as 'just a knock'. 
Any injuries in the first half of the season carry until the mid-season window (unless sponged).
Any injuries in the second half of the season carry until the end (unless sponged).



You have 12 perks points to spend 
PM PANTS with your choices 
You need to make your choices before you can finalise any deals. 
Perks will only be revealed where necessary, so if you're planning on using underhand tactics like injuring or disrupting players it will only be you and Pants who know about it! If you want to shout about it if you pull off a great scheme then obviously that will be down to you   :)
You can only pick one perk from each section


Ensure you have your opponent's Steam ID added as a friend.
Set up the game in the following way:
Start Screen → New Online Game → Versus → League.
Pick your manager profile, then on the team selection page, click import team and choose your saved squad.
Then from the Steam Overlay (Shift+Tab) invite your opponent in by clicking the drop down menu next to their name.
If you are the player joining the game, when you receive your invite accept the request in the Steam chat.
Then in FM on the 'Join game' screen, check the 'show only friends' box and click Search.
Once both players are in, hit continue.
There's no timer on team set-up, but please try not to spend more than a minute or two tinkering with every tiny thing.
Highlights should be set to 'Extended' unless both managers agree to change it. (I'm a 'Comprehensive' man myself...).
Replays at 'Goals' only.
In-game instant messenger is handled in the Steam Overlay.
Feel free to skype chat with your opponent or stream your games.


The easiest way of reporting your games is to post a screengrab of this screen in the thread:




You can edit your teams by one of two methods. The first is by using the FM 2016 pre-game editor which can be found on Steam under:
Library->Tools->FM 2016 Editor.
You'll have to download and install it.
The Editor is a powerful tool and is a bit counter intuitive, so googling a decent guide is recommended.
The far easier way is to use the FM In-Game editor.
With this, you can simply search for a player, click a button and he is instantly transported into your team.
However, this is DLC and costs £3.99. Us who use it believe it to be worth it.
When the season kicks off, I'm sure we'll all be raring to play a season with our teams to get to know them. However, please use a seperate save - this stops player progression and changing attributes due to training.


Exporting your squad:
Squad screen → Players Menu (top left) → Export for Versus match
Warning: FM allows duplicate team names which can be very confusing when loading the team in a Versus match, so make sure you uniquely identify your squad each time you export.
Exporting Tactics: Tactics Screen → Drop down menu next to tactics name → Save 
Exporting your tactics won't carry over any set-piece takers.


Injury Treatment
Everyone starts with 2 magic sponges as standard.

A magic sponge is used to return a player to full fitness.
They can be used any time during the season and unused sponges carry over from 1st half to 2nd half
1 additional Magic Sponge - 3 Perk Points
2 additional Magic Sponges - 5 Perk Points
Injury Prevention
Select a player from your squad whom injuries simply do not effect. This perk lasts the whole season and the player must be named before the season starts. If you sell an invincible player they do not retain the invincibility trait at their new club and you cannot transfer it to a new player.
Invincible - 5 Perk Points
Filthy Tappers.
Everyone starts with 1 as standard! 
If you are finding a manager is reluctant to sell you a player you really want, you can Tap a player up. Tapping a player costs minimum value + 20%. The Tapping window opens with the transfer window but closes a few days earlier
1 Tap - 2 Perk Points
2 Tap - 4 Perk Points
3 Tap - 6 Perk Points
Unused taps do not carry over to the mid season window
Tap protection
Protect players from being tapped - Everyone gets to name 3 players as standard whom cannot be tapped. 

If you want to protect more of your squad then this is the perk for you
NB - New signings do not need to be protected as a player can only move once during the window.
If a player is successfully blocked you will receive 20% of the player base cost in fine fees from the would be Tapper!
You must choose the players when choosing Perk
1 Tap Blocker - 2 Perk Points
2 Tap Blocker - 4 Perk Points
3 Tap Blocker - 6 Perk Points
4 Tap Blocker - 8 Perk Points
5 Tap Blocker - 10 Perk Points
Tap protection lasts to the mid season window
Extra Wages
Increase your starting wage funds by the percentages below.
Additional 5% wages. - 1 Perk Point
Additional 10% wages. - 2 Perk Points
Additional 15% wages. - 4 Perk Points
Additional 20% wages. - 6 Perk Points
Additional 25% wages. - 8 Perk Points
Extra Funds
Increase your starting transfer funds by the percentages below.
Additional 5% funds. - 1 Perk Point
Additional 10% funds. - 2 Perk Points
Additional 15% funds. - 4 Perk Points
Additional 20% funds. - 6 Perk Points
Additional 25% funds. - 8 Perk Points
Going Abroad.
Add an additional Non FMTL on top of your standard allocation
1 Additional Non FMTL - 4 Perk Points
2 Additional Non FMTL - 8 Perk Points
3 Additional Non FMTL - 12 Perk Points
Unused Non FMTLs carry into the mid season window
Player Power
Cause a rift between a player and his team with underhand tactics to the point where he will refuse to pull on that teams shirt for the rest of the season (sell him or let him rot in the reserves)
Disrupt a random player from a club of your choosing. - 2 Perk Points
Choose a particular player to disrupt - 4 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)


Best Football Friend

Select a player with whom you have a special bond. A loyalty that cannot be broken and who cannot be disrupted.

2 Perk points for each relationship you wish to declare


Chairmans Fees
A chairman takes a 10% slice of every player sold! Make him go away and keep the big money from those big sales to re-invest in your squad.
Reduce to 5% - 2 Perk Points
Reduce to 0% - 3 Perk Points
Lasts whole season
Football is a filthy game, its about time you started playing it that way
Injure a random player from a club of your choosing for half the season. - 1 Perk Point
Injure a specific player for half the season - 3 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)


Pre season NB - players can only move once
-Transfer Window opens once all teams are picked and ends Midnight, Tuesday 26th January.
-The Tap window opens on Friday 22nd January at 8.30 pm and closes at Midnight, Sunday 24th January (All 'Tap protects' need to be with me before the window opens or you lose them) 

-Non FTL window opens Friday 22nd January at 8.30 pm and closes at midnight on Tuesday 26th January (Usual rules apply).
First half of season:
Starts Wednesday 27th January and closes at midnight on Friday 26th February.
Mid season NB - players can only move once
Transfer Window opens Saturday 27th February 7am and closes at midnight on Friday 4th March.
Second half of season:
Starts Saturday 5th March and closes Saturday March 26th.
Master sheet here:


This league is only possible because we've thieved a game that was invented - and then refined by - Steely and Wincho, both of whom have put in several years of hard work.
So don't forget to mention them in your nightly prayers.


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Before you start any transfers, you must submit your Perks to me.

Also, ensure you supply me with your Tap Protects before the tap window opens.

IMPORTANT: To do this, send me a SEPERATE PM titled *YourName* Tap Protects.

This is because I am now part of the Tap procedures! And this ensures that I don't know who you have protected until I open the PM.

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My steam ID is well out there, and not thought through in the slightest. I'd assumed there would be an option to enter your tag/username when I got into it......there's not.

So my ID is - paulgravell - my name in lower case. As I said, crazy.

Is that just your first and surname stuck together mate?

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Your players have returned from there holidays... and some are in better condition than others.

Check the spreadsheet to see which players are injured. They are coloured red.

Not only are some injured, there are rumblings that some are looking for a move away to new pastures...

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City Sale!

The highlights are....

Nasri - £12.6m - £0.131m

Navas - £10.4m - £0.055m

Clichy - £7.7m - £0.050m

Fernando - £5.6m - £0.027

As if you need the money! And Nasri is 21.6m, not 12.6....too expensive for me. I can only afford 93% of him. :(

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All Stoke players available and open for offers.



Off The Ball: 16

Acceleration: 15

First Touch: 15

Technique: 15

Dribbling: 14

Passing: 14

Vision: 14


Flair: 18

First Touch: 17

Technique: 16

Acceleration: 16

Off The Ball: 15

Dribbling: 15

Passing: 14


Finishing: 17

Anticipation: 16

First Touch: 15

Jumping reach: 15

Heading: 15

Strength: 15

Pace: 13

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I appear to be missing some shit, so I'll ask this with some trepidation but some of the non ftl's say "sold" in the last column? Is that from where you've copied steely's spready in?

And you mentioned that non FTL signings will cost 20% above their min value, has that been added or do we need to add that?

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As the sun rises on a beautiful Day 2 of FMTL land, managers are finding their phones lighting up with calls from those filthy agents demanding moves from their clients.

Some players want a nice new signing on fee. Some players want to get out of the shithole city they find themselves in. And some just plain don't like you.

Whatever the reason, each manager now finds himself with a want-away player.

Check your rosters. The players in purple are refusing to play for you again, and must now be sold or left to rot in the reserves.

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Training ground 'accident' over at Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling has been left in agony after tripping on a pile of sterling silver cutlery.

The deadly utensil mess was scattered by the exit of Manchester City's dressing room.

A shadowy figure was seen hurrying away and chuckling at his self-made irony.

A Witness exclaimed: "Forkin' Hell".

Sterling is now out until the mid-season window, unless sponged.

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PSG's Lucas Moura, seen here in not even his final form.

Lucas Moura has been injured in a training ground accident deep in the heart of the French capital, Paris.

According to reports he was tripped by a string of onions, landed on a bicycle, scooted along the Champs Elysee, banged his eye on a flying croissant, flung into the air by some frogs legs before falling down all 782 flights of stairs in the Eiffel Tower and being finally run over by a Citreon 2CV.

A shadowy figure was seen hurrying away.

Lucas is now out until the mid-season window, unless sponged.

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