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Robot Wars Returns - Sunday 8pm BBC2


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Awesome news! I hope Charles returns, he added a much needed sense of drama and fun to the show. Still got my real robots mags and robot. :) They should bring it back side by side with the show but this time utilising the Pi, would be absolutely perfect!

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Well I didn't expect this at all. I've seen a couple of the live demo fights they run at comic cons and the like but they are obviously trying not to damage each other.

Watching the TVs show when you got the first bots capable of taking the competition to bits was great fun and probably soul destroying for the victims.

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Loved Robot Wars as a kid. Back when Friday night TV was something to look forward to.

Was watching some repeats not long ago (on Challenge or one of those channels) with my brother and said they should bring it back, so happy now.

Some standout moments I remember of the show:

- Roadblock winning the first series

- Chaos 2 flipping another robot out of the arena

- Hypno-Disc destroying everything on its first appearance

- Pussycat being disqualified when its spinning blade shattered during combat

- The destructive power of Razer's piercing arm

- Diotoir being on fire, several times.

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I always loved it when something actually obscenely powerful like Razr or Hypnodisk rolled in and wrecked some losers' bland and unimaginative looking upending-wedge garbage bot. Nevermind that flipping things over like a turtle on its back, get in and fuck some shit up, yo.

Sweet, sweet, Hypnodisc action:

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