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Mr. Robot - Amazon video

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Finished it last night and may have to revisit just to be sure, but I thought the master mind was still in charge. Darlene was his anchor, as the others said and he seemed pretty dammed convinced he could remain in control.


I loved the hack result and it totally echoed thoughts I'd had myself previously, wondering whether It'd be possible to send money out to people that had been *ahem* liberated from off shore accounts. :) Bit of glossing over the technicalities of that and an ecoin macguffin, but it's all good and worth it for the park scene.


There were bits that annoyed me though. Darlene and Dominique missing each other at the gate... Grrrr, hate that sort of shit and it felt cheap. Especially these days when everyone has phones a simple "I'm coming back" txt and all sorted. Even if they decided to stay out felt stupid.


The whole white rose machine and nuclear power plant stuff. Hmmmm, not convinced and still not sure what they were getting at. Some dimensional gate opening machine? That was going to wipe out humanity and start it again? Needed a lot of power so they built it in a power station... But couldn't run it there because it was too dangerous... And then, at the downfall of Deus, White Rose runs to get machine, kills everyone in the power plant and then hands over the choice of on or off to Eliot, by way of a text adventure. Felt like a massively convoluted way to get Eliot into believing that he could actually have been transferred into the perfect world.


Having said all that the good definitely outweighs the bad, the whole Krista episode and reveal was intense. Fernando was amazing, goofy, deep and stupid. Mean and kind, a real person struggling with his own demons. When Krista stabbed him I gasped. It felt wrong at that moment, like she's taken this connection that Eliot and he had made and ripped it apart.


The VR hack episode was great, a real return to the stuff that I loved about season one. Although the police chase went on a tiny bit too long.


Price and Whiterose's scenes were fantastic and genuinely funny in places. "Let's get drunk!"


All in, a pretty tight season to end the series. Interesting camera work, bold scripting and some really quite fabulous acting all wrapped up with that total bitch of a dark army handler getting shot in the face by Dominique! Ha! Fuck you!




Season 4

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Season 1 - 4 spoilers:


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto [どうもありがとうミスターロボット],
Mata au hi made [また会う日まで]
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto [どうもありがとうミスターロボット],
Himitsu wo shiri tai [秘密を知りたい]

You're wondering who I am (secret secret I've got a secret)
Machine or mannequin (secret secret I've got a secret)
With parts made in Japan (secret secret I've got a secret)
I am the modern man

I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin
My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.
So if you see me acting strangely, don't be surprised
I'm just a man who needed someone, and somewhere to hide

To keep me alive, just keep me alive
Somewhere to hide, to keep me alive

I'm not a robot without emotions. I'm not what you see
I've come to help you with your problems, so we can be free
I'm not a hero, I'm not the savior, forget what you know
I'm just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control

Beyond my control. We all need control
I need control. We all need control

I am the modern man (secret secret I've got a secret)
Who hides behind a mask (secret secret I've got a secret)
So no one else can see (secret secret I've got a secret)
My true identity

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For doing the jobs that nobody wants to
And thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For helping me escape just when I needed to
Thank you, thank you, thank you
I want to thank you, please, thank you

The problem's plain to see:
Too much technology
Machines to save our lives
Machines dehumanize

The time has come at last (secret secret I've got a secret)
To throw away this mask (secret secret I've got a secret)
Now everyone can see (secret secret I've got a secret)
My true identity...

I'm Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy!


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