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SOLO: A Star Wars Story

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1 hour ago, Mr Do 71 said:


IDGI. :(

Sky clearly have a massive amount of dirt on Idris as he pimps their wares at every opportunity. I’d imagine he’s referring to that 

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Second time of watching, as before was quite enjoying it until the train set piece, then it was “mynok roast” and “open a cantina, somewhere warm”


eugh. that’s not dialogue. To think old Kasdan was aghast at Lord and Miller changing his script. So we got this.

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On 26/11/2018 at 17:17, K said:

I felt that Solo wasn't too bad for in-jokes about stuff that Han does later on in his life. The speeder-on-its-side thing didn't even occur to me as a reference to something that happens in another film, and the bit where Solo gets handed his gun was handled relatively matter-of-factly - he just gets tossed it by Woody Harrelson. You can recognise it as his trademark weapon, but it's not like dramatic music plays over a crash zoom in onto the gun while it's bathed in light, like he's just had a rare weapon drop in an RPG. There are little references to the later films, but they're not the point of a scene. It's just detail.


I've finally watched it now and I take back what I said: it was, after all, just literally a shot of the easily recognizable blaster. Nothing much to get upset about as seems to have been happening in the thread. The film in general however, was merely a fairly competent if flawed and pointless diversion in the Star Wars universe.

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