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Games of 2016 what are you looking forward to?


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So as 2015 is slowly drawing to a close and 2016 edges in what are you looking forward to next year?

Add videos, opinions etc it'll be great to read all about all the different releases coming out on all platforms...

For me:-

The next Zelda on WiiU . Loved every Zelda so far (although motion controls frustrated a bit on SS). They are just such fantastic adventure action gaming experiences. The new one looks stunning. It will also be the WiiU's swansong. Also looking forward to Starfox to a lesser degree and the announcement of Nintendo's next console.

Crackdown 3 - Absolutely loved the other two and well this looks like more of the same and intrigued to see more of this cloud powered gaming that MS keep barking on about.

Unravel (PC/PS4/XBO)

Lovely looking physics based platformer with some stunning backdrops inspired by the developers home country (Norway I believe)

Next instalment of Gears of War because it just a big old fashioned shooter big guns, big space marines type stuff and makes no pretences about what it is. Never really like shooters before this and Halo changed my mind. Loved the "destroyed beauty" art style of the gears series as well as the weighty feel to everything and absolutely no subtlety. :)

Uncharted 4 - Absolutely loved the other three amongst my favourite games last generation and really looking forward to see how far ND push the PS4. Love how they blend the action, puzzles and set pieces. Enjoy the stories in these games too.


Next Outlast (Outlast 2) - Outlast is one game that took me by surprise I played the original on the PS4 when it was offered as a PS+ title. Utterly terrifying and a great alternative to Silent Hill given we aren't likely to see one of those for a while... damn you Konami!!! Loved PTDemo too... sigh. Anyhow this is looking great from what I've read about so far.

Also hoping to see some more content for Forza 6 - more tracks really like Prague miss driving around cities car packs are ok but I like tracks dammit MS and T10... :)

Anyway these are the main things I'm looking forward too... its going to be a good year.

Over to you...

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It'll be Sonic's 25th, so SEGA is bound to do something.

Unlikely but a nice new Star Trek game for it's 50th would be cool.

The Witness, finally. And Street Fighter 5.

All NX news will be exciting. I'd be excited for Zelda but Skyward was a hand-holding mess. We'll see.

Edit: The Indie scene will no doubt surprise and delight as ever.

Edit 2: We also haven't had 'proper' new Pokemon in a while, so I expect GAME FREAK to say something. This'll be the first generation to not have a third title, maybe Team B's efforts are focused on Pokemon Go.

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My avatar may be a bit of a clue for those who recognise it, but... If that Summer 2016 date is for the US and Japan (wiki says it is), then Persona 5 will easily be one of the biggest releases of the year for me, being the follow-up to my favourite JRPG and already proving to have some amazing presentation and good characters in the trailers and images shown. Even if it's the same elemental battle system and the same social linking system and the same floor-based dungeon format, I wouldn't mind - things like that are exactly why I enjoy the PS2 games. My only concern is that my expectations will be soaring and it'll be a mammoth task for the game to meet those expectations :P

Also Street Fighter V, because it's Street Fighter V. Street Fighter has kind of turned into the game I play in between other game releases - if I don't have any single-player campaigns going on in other games, I play Street Fighter, and from the beta content V is looking pretty good. :D

EDIT: is Nier Automata coming out in 2016? That's going to be the other best thing ever.

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Mighty No 9

Fire Emblem Fates

Street Fighter V

Uncharted 4

Day of the Tentacle

Quantum Break

Mirror's Edge

No Man's Sky

Bravely Second

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Hyper Light Drifter

Mass Effect

Danganronpa 3

Persona 5




The Last Guardian

The Tomorrow Children

Everybody's Golf

Zero Escape 3

And that's without even knowing whether NX is coming next year or not.

Fucking hell.

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I am having the best time with my PC at the moment. Having just upgraded my graphic card I am really looking forward in 2016 tonplaying all the 2015 games I have bought but never played. So my 2016 looks like this:

1) Witcher 3

2) Fallout 4


Holy shit that's a lot of hours of superb entertainment. I'd be lucky to play any 2016 games in 2017.

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Unlikely but a nice new Star Trek game for it's 50th would be cool.

I'd settle for a remake of 25th Anniversary with slightly less awful controls. Oh god, I remember the 25th Anniversary game coming out. So old.

But yeah, actual things that should be coming out that I'm looking forward to? A distressing number of games, particularly as I'm only allowing myself to buy 4 games over the year. But in particular:

Persona 5! Obviously.

Hitman! Tentatively.

Deus Ex! Reasonably confidently.

Mirror's Edge 2! It will be good, or there will be blood.

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Single player stuff:

The Darkest Dungeon - I doubt this claustroparanoic psychopatolodrama needs much introduction.

Pathologic 2 (or whatever the name of sequel will be) - the original from 2006 had lovely but spooky atmosphere, I hope they'll catch some more of that magic.

Psychonauts 2 (I know it's not 2016, but stil - psycho love is strong icon_heart.gif)


Camelot Unchained aka DAoC 2, thou 2017 launch seems more likely to me.

Same goes for Crowfall.

Revival - victorian/medieval dark fantasy; I like the atmosphere, art style & concepts (vine making profession or, say, ingame sex for better stats, anyone?), still veeery early in development. The artwork looks dark and lovely indeed, thou frankly I'm afraid they don't have funds to even just launch it.

Albion Online, I might be playing it casually (say, from my cell phone), thou you never know...

Chronicles of Elyria - some interesting concepts, say aging, dying and reincarnation through bloodlines.

Pantheon, Rise of the Fallen - more PvEey than those above; I like the visuals & races, I hope I'll like the gameplay.

Shroud of the Avatar will also be more PvE, with single player, coop or "MMO" (?) modes.

Worlds Adrift looks lovely, the colors, the skies...still in very early development.

Gloria Victis caught my attention recently, and it's similar to Life is Feudal, medieval sandbox PvP stuff... by now, you can guess my taste =)

Shards Online is another "light snack" I might play casually, not exactly on top of my list thou.

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Persona 5

No Man's Sky

Everybody's Golf

Dark Souls 3 (although I must confess to not being as excited as for previous instalments - I'm worried I'm getting burnt out after 2 years solidly playing Soulsborne games)

Fire Emblem Fates (hopefully this doesn't have too much creepy waifu crap in it though)

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New Zelda and the new Lego Marvel on Wii U. I know I'll probably miss out on DLC with the Wii U but co-op on the gamepad & TV with my kids is so much better than split screen.

Also hoping to pick up an XB1 so I can finally get stuck into Forza and SW Battlefront.

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