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High Rise - J G Ballard Adaptation

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Free Fire was a disappointment when you factor in the premise and cast, but i still liked it. I loved Sam Riley's unhinged performance, a real surprise how funny he was. I haven't seen him in anything other than Control, his roles seem more on the moody side. Also got a new appreciation for Arnie Hammer's coolness. The back and forth dialogue makes the opening 25 minutes brilliantly engaging. 


High Rise did my head in. So artificial, directed like a fragrance advert, things happen in front of you with no reason to care. 


Thought A Field In England was boring, and that I'd need people to point out where they found it unnerving because it didn't work in that way for me. 


Was absolutely gripped by Kill List for sure. Knew nothing thankfully, the poster should be avoided like the plague. 


Personally, I'd have preferred a straight film where simply one of the hits is in a cult, so you stil get that clash of worlds and disorientation the film achieves. 


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