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High Rise - J G Ballard Adaptation

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Hugely looking forward to this. I love Ballard's short stories but always found his stuff a little too dry to work for longer lengths. A movie should be ideal, especially as I think that Wheatley is one of the more interesting directors around at the moment.

The retro setting surprised me though. I'd just assumed it would be set in the modern era.

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On 7 January 2016 at 22:00, Delargey said:

This looks amazing. Worth checking out thr book first?


Read everything by Ballard immediately.


EDIT: Well, you can give Cocaine Nights a miss, maybe, if you read Super-Cannes twice.

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This was pretty good. Overall I'd say it's my second favourite Wheatley film after Kill List, although I've yet to see Down Terrace.


It wanders a bit too much in the middle. There's a really long minutes sequence of very little plot but loads of montages of parties, orgies, carnage, etc where it lost me a bit. The first 40-50 minutes are excellent, and quite the mood-setter. Creeping sense of paranoia and things spiralling out of control.


It was great to see Julia Deakin pop up since I've been watching I'm Alan Partridge this week, and also a big fan of Spaced. James Purefoy gives a stormer of a performance, stealing each scene he's in pretty much. Forgot how much I liked him. At the QnA afterwards Wheatley said he had to fight to get Purefoy in the film, and they basically scheduled the film around his wedding. The QnA was really interesting too, great questions in the main for a change with these things, and I think only one or two people of the sold out show actually left straight after the film.

Also that Portishead cover of Abba is very weird. Good, but weird.

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