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Steam Secret Santa 2015


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Thanks to my Santa for Axiom Verge, Broforce and Undertale :) I've got a Steam Controller coming tomorrow so it's great to have something new to try it out on, and there's a really nice mix of game styles in that selection.

I'd been meaning to pick up Axiom Verge since release, as I love Castlevania/Metroid games - I wanted to buy my recipient Valdis Story, as it's one of my favourite PC games of the type, but from his library I didn't think it would be his style.

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Knights of Pen & Paper+1 Edition

Risk of Rain

Castle In The Darkness

Elite: Dangerous


Amazing Princess Sarah

Invisible Inc

Hatfall: Hatters Gonna Hat Edition



:omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:

Especially surprised/delighted by Elite:Dangerous. Feels like this Santa knows me (I play EVE) :) Elite did tend to be in the corner of my eye in the sense of watching it's progress.

No Grim Dawn, which was at the top of my wish list, but believe me, I'm more than content. <3 Was just another dull endless hack-o-thon anyway!

Thank you Santa :)

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What the hell??? I received Super Time Force Ultra, Lisa, Never Alone, Dungeon of the Endless, Chariot and Shadowrun: Dragonfall. All from my wishlist! Man, could Santa be any more generous?! :wub:

Thanks so very much Santa, can't wait to play all of these! (starting with Dungeon of the Endless)

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Thanks Secret Santa for taking an enormous bite out of my wishlist!

- Electronic Super Joy: Groove City

- Gunpoint

- The Beginner's Guide

- Hacknet

- Judgement Silversword -Resurrection-

- Analogue: A Hate Story soundtrack

- Bit.Trip Flux

Thanks so much! Can't wait to get stuck in.

[edit] fucking hell, how could I forget? THANKS JPR :wub:

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Many thanks Secret Santa! Got Galak-Z which I'm really looking forward to playing :)

Also, reading the generosity of some I feel a tiny bit miserly with my output. :( I just hope my giftee is happy!

For me Secret Santa is always about the giving and anything I get is a bonus. People have different budgets and different amounts they can spend when taking part, I'm just appreciative for anything I get and I'm sure a lot of folk here are the same!

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Oh my! I got the notification I got a game but then I went into the Steam window and I had a bunch more ^_^. Three off my wanted list; Crawl, Super Hexagon and Cave Story+ (which I last played on the PSP). A surprise gift too, Analogue: A Hate Story. Cool looking visual novel, looking forward to trying that.

So yeah, thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you all.

Oh and super thanks to JPR for being mega awesome!

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Holy crap I wasn't expecting as much as I got!

Binary Domain

To The Moon

Dying Light

80 Days

Life is Strange - Full Season.

Thank you so much Santa, there's hours and hours of gaming there for me and all stuff I've really wanted to play! :D

Plus a massive thank you JPR for your effort in doing this, it must be a nightmare to co-ordinate on times but it's clearly appreciated by everyone who takes part.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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I got notification of Lego Worlds come through, wasn't on my list but should have been! Checking it out I also had NOT A HERO, from my list, as well as 12 Labour's of Hercules II: Cretan Bull (I'm not sure yet what type of game it's meant to be yet :D) and Camera Obscure (A cool looking wee platformer with a twist)

Appreciated Santa! Lego Worlds is gonna provide a LOT of fun!

Also, thank you JPR! Awesome job, you need some sort of knighthood! :)

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