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Retro Food Bank 2015

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Decided to do this every year, idea is to dig into your collection find some of the cheaper stuff like golf games old accessories etc and bung them on ebay. Use the profits to buy something then drop it off in a Food Bank collection bin, they are all over the show and very easy to find. Please offer a bit of support if you can even if it's just sharing the video somewhere as every little bit helps. I managed to get about 300 views last year (added last years vid to the playlist of the new one) and even if just one person donates a tin of beans I'll consider it a success!

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I wish it was all of the time from everyone at the moment but I was going to ask if you had anything planned.

I'll PM you.


Mods, could Lorf's post with the video be copied at least to a new thread in Discussion so that it can be seen more?

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Great initiative Lorfarious. Not promising that I will take part in this explicitly as you intend but feel compelled to make a donation of some sort after watching that.



P.S. You do seem to have a low opinion of golf games.

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