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Indivisible - Metroidvania RPG from the people behind Skullgirls


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I've posted about this before in the Kickstarter thread, but even though the game is crowd-funded it's not actually on Kickstarter (it's a fixed funding project on Indiegogo instead) and that thread perhaps doesn't give it the exposure it deserves. The game is in its last week of funding and still needs about 300k at the time of writing, so any help is welcome at this stage,

So what is Indivisible? In short, it's a hybrid of a 2D Metroidvania game (in that it has a large interconnected map, platforming, areas that are locked off until you have certain items or skills, secrets and even some sequence breaking) and an RPG, most notably in its party management, leveling and battle system. Combat is heavily inspired by Valkyrie Profile in that each character in your four-person party is mapped to a button, with directional inputs adding more moves. Combat is not turn-based. You can attack as long as you have meter, so meter management plays an extremely important role in combat.
The game is made by Lab Zero Games, the team that brought you Skullgirls.

Here's their campaign video:

This is by no means final, but what is cool is that everything you see in there is already playable. Lab Zero released a free playable prototype for Linux, Windows, Mac, Steam and PS4. Even though it's just the tip of the iceberg, it plays really well and has some cool stuff for expert players in it, like a secret boss and sequence breaking for speedruns and pacifist runs.

If you want to read what they plan on adding, this post from the design director goes into great detail:


Combat is already pretty damn fun and you can see how much the additions above will add to the strategy. The way attacks link, with certain attacks setting enemies up for juggling, attacks having different status effects (like putting slow down on an enemy) and the different effects for the supers of each character can all be glimpsed in the prototype, and that's without all the additional characters, weapons, stat differentiation and tech like guard breaks, buffs/debuffs and so on.

Other things of note:
- Your party consists of your character and three Incarnations, Now what's cool about these Incarnations is that they - like the enemies - are based on a wide variety of mythologies and cultures from all over the world. This results in an incredibly diverse cast of characters. You can read all about the Incarnations that have been revealed up to this point here:


- Music is composed by Hiroki Kikuta, most famous for Secret of Mana.

- The game will have many crossover indie stars that will be playable, including Juan from Guacamelee, the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter and Shovel Knight. The final one will be revealed tomorrow, with some people expecting it to be Miriam from Bloodstained or one of the characters from Undertale. We'll see.

Here are the ones revealed so far:

There's tons more on their campaign site, including a cost breakdown, the different tiers etc.

So, please help if you're interested. :)
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I backed Indivisible not too long ago. I don't think I ever really played much of the Valkyrie Profile style games before but it looks like fun and I'm already a fan of DEM SPRITES and that animation and all of the Z-Engine fanciness with the lighting and everything. Seems like it'll be pretty close, but I really hope it finds the funding it needs. :)

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Backed this about a week ago, really enjoyed the way the prototype played on PS4 and urge any RPG fan to try it out.

The combat and Art are really well done and do capture some of the magic from its inspiration Valkyrie Profile, I just hope its story also takes cues from that game. Its been a LONG time since i played it but still remember listening from the sky above and choosing who to 'help' or not and those stories being really well done, with nods to loss, hardship and grief that I haven't seen dealt with in any other JRPGs.

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Not too worried about that, based on the prototype, but I know that combat system won't be for everyone.

Stretch goals:

$1,650,000 - More Music by Hiroki Kikuta
Indivisible is currently budgeted to have between 60 and 90 minutes of music from Kikuta-san, and we’d like to expand that by at least another hour!

$1,900,000 - Animated opening by Titmouse and Mystery Anime Studio
We’ll partner with Titmouse and a mystery anime studio to create a high-octane opening animation! Titmouse will storyboard everything, and it'll be executed by the anime studio!

About Titmouse
Titmouse Animation was founded in 2000 by husband/wife power couple Shannon
and Chris Prynoski, producing absurdist, dynamic 2-D animation that hungry college kids with twisted sense of humor just can’t get enough of. It has since evolved into a full service production company developing content for even the wee ones, and employing over 200 gifted artists in LA, NYC, and Vancouver.

About Mystery Anime Studio
Unfortunately we can't reveal who the mysterious anime studio is yet. We have a commitment from them, but until things are a little more nailed down they've asked that we hold off on revealing who they are.

Also, they keeping knocking it out of the park with their Incarnations:


Even as a child, abandoned on the monastery's doorstep, Sangmu had been...unusual. She did not often cry, seeming only to desire long stretches of contemplative solitude, and resented any disturbance, even meals. As she grew she did not play or socialize, and talked so seldom that for months the monks worried she could not speak at all. But young Sangmu knew differently - mere words were not the language of her heart.

In the summer of the year she turned ten, Sangmu first witnessed the meticulous creation of a sand mandala. From the moment she saw the intricate design taking shape, the change in her demeanor was striking. Aloofness transformed into rapt attention, her focus so intense that the monks were forced to remind her repeatedly to eat and sleep. In those days and weeks, in that place, her life changed.

Since that time, Sangmu relentlessly devoted every waking hour to perfecting the painstaking creation, and the equally beautiful destruction, of mandala and other sand sculptures. Her naturally gifted use of Iddhi and unique, unrestrained outlook quickly made her a virtuoso without peer, able to literally breathe life into her creations. Through her sand-painting tool, the chak-pur, the ephemeral artistry of the cosmos spoke to her: in the sand, Sangmu has found her language!

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Watched that trailer and was liking the look of it until the battles started. Then thought "turn based? Not for me" but then reading the thread is see it isn't turn based. I'm interested again now but not entirely sure I understand the battling mechanics. Hopefully it'll get a Switch demo at some point. 

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Preview codes are being made available for backers. :) 


If you're like me and forgot to fill out your survey, you should still be able to do that and then go back and claim the preview. :) I did one playthrough and got a rubbish completion percentage because I must have missed some stuff, but it looks better than ever and the battle system is satisfying if a bit overwhelming at times :D 

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As well as having an awesome visual design, G&H's healing move was invaluable - I'd often try and make sure I had a spare turn with them to get out of trouble.


I think the other day I was using Dhar, Qadira and G&H by the time I was at the final stretch - Dhar and Qadira providing the damage, G&H mostly healing or attacking if everyone was okay, and Ajna being an all-rounder (thanks to her Iddhi ability healing the party.)




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The updated backer preview came out earlier today and it's really good. It's pretty much an extension of the last preview, with some clearer tutorials on the flow of battle and character mechanics, some added dialogue between characters, a brief look at the "inner realm" (where Ajna meditates to level up stats and stuff), a little bit of sidequesting (when Ajna meets Ginseng and Honey you have to collect some lilies before they join your party) and a new boss encounter.


If you played the last preview you should know where to go and what to do, but it's just much more polished all around. If the whole game is like that, it could be excellent. :wub: 

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