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FTL Season 13 - Game on!


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Well played Manic, deserved the win, even if first half I would've been gutted at being level let alone 3-1 down! My strikers had a real problem with winding up their shots in slow-mo.

That said the second half you were ruthless on the counter & I had no answer to it really. Well played & gg.

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That must be the first time I've done the double over you in a season?? (Without the handicap, which never came into the equation)

Saying that my team is crazy good, I should really have done much better this season - especially with my 2 goal advantage before I even start against many!

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Spurs (MardiganX) 7 - 0 Stoke (Bennette)

Goals - Lamela, Kane, Aubameyang (2), Eriksen, Dembele, Guarin

No injuries

Well this wasn't expected. Spurs went 2 goals up early on and from there Stoke seemed to implode. A series of late tackles and in the end 3 red cards saw them fall apart and Spurs punished them at every opportunity. Even missing 2 penalties, which were both stone wallers, there was still enough chances for Spurs entire midfield and forward line to grab goals. A crazy game!

One you will want to forget Bennette as you lost the plot early on and it went a bit mental from there. At half time with the score at 3-0 I still thought you had a chance as you skelped me in our last game so was glad to put the game to bed with a couple more shortly after the re-start. All the best in any games you have left.

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Yeah GG, that just wound me up. You got a couple of early fouls from me that i didn't get booked for that i felt weren't fouls and then when the goals started coming I was getting more and more annoyed. Just felt like nothing was happening as I couldn't get going at all. Didn't help at the end that the 3 red cards were from my back line.

Said this in the messages but Clichy's red card was what wound me up the most and made me go on a scything massacre! Two yellows but the first came from Eriksen running into him

Well played man, not taking anything away from I definately was out of that game early on but it didn't half feel like bs and just wound me up.

Rant over.

Ps- I think Harry Kane got injured from the horrific challenge Marchisio did from behind (which only resulted in a yellow?!). I could be wrong though

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Oh dear Bennette. You may not have read the small print in the FTL rule book, but I have.

3 red cards in one game is serious misconduct, immediate expulsion from the league is the penalty.

Puts me top of the tree!!!


I would love to defend you Bennette but every one of your tackles was horrendous. All the best mate. Hopefully you can come back in after a few seasons off to chill out.

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C'mon you hombags. Just 10 more games to be played before we all congratulate Bennette

Al v Mackenie

Al v Steely

Mardigan v Timmo

Mardigan v Steely

Bennette v Jamin

Mackenie v Timmo

Mackenie v Jamin

Timmo v Steely

Timmo v Jamin

Steely v Jamin

Lets get them bookd and played please chaps

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