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FTL Season 13 - Game on!


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The table appears to be fucked up. Totally fucked up. It has Wincho sitting 2nd at the half way point, that simply cannot be right?!

I suggest everyone gets their shit together for the 2nd half (steely, jamin - I'm looking at you. Timmo this handicap system seems to have crippled your campaign so I'm not looking at you any more) and sorts this out.

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Tottenham 0-2 Reading

Konoplyanka inj

Bit of a filth fest of a game this, Mardigan getting Laporte sent off for a two footer & 6 other yellows in total across the teams! Utter savagery.

Lloris made 9 saves & was generally ridiculous so I was a bit miffed at only getting 2 goals in what was the best game/performance of my season.

CFTG Mardigan.

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Yeah, we won't mention Ferdinand's tackle from behind when Konoplyanka was in for a straight forward shot at goal.

The best part was Konoplyanka's injury coming after what looked to be the softest challenge of the whole game.

Took your goals well Jamin and I just couldn't make a dent in the final third.

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Bennette 3 Mackenie 1

No Injuries

GG mate, bit of an unfair result as you were the better player with much more chances than me (it was 1-0 me at HT but I had 2 shots to Mack's 8). Mack was just unfortunate in goal with Martial hitting the bar from a header and Butland making some good saves. When Mack finally did get a goal, from the unlikely source of Alan Hutton, I made some changes which saw Stephen Ireland (of all people) put me 2 ahead after being on the pitch for less than 2 minutes.

Good game Mack, unlucky you probably did deserve the win.

My team's rating has dropped dramatically since the start when I had to reset my squads. Butland was up to an 82 from a 74 rating. Bojan an 83 from 81, Arnautovic a 82 from 78. I definitely felt the difference in how the players played too!

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