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FTL Season 13 - Game on!


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Can I buy players and sell or do I have to finish games first ?

Steely 11pm ?

Mackenie 2-1 shalo

No injuires

I never really got going , probably because i was so bloody tired ???? Well played mackenie you defended well !

You can buy and sell but your current squad and injuries need to be used for any 1st half games
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So for my remaining first half game/games do I go with the injuries before I was crunched or as I stand now?

Pink injuries only (these will then disappear once you've completed your first half games)

Orange ones are for second half

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Mackenie 1 - 3 Timmo

Okore injured and 1 other I cant remember, though my injuries are reset after this game anyway.

Even game with Timmo taking his chances, though that penalty was crazy. My defender intercepted a pass into the box and I was clearing the ball when the whistle blew, I figured you had fouled my keeper then I realised my keeper took your striker out off the ball. Cheers for the games, should be a good rematch.

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Baz 2-2 steely

No injured

Good even game here steely maybe should of knicked it but hector got a draw for me

Cheers mate

Good game Baz, think a draw was about right in the end. Despite Joel Campbells horror miss midway through the second half!

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BENNETTE	Stoke City	G. Johnson	77	4.2	0.026 (Injured)BENNETTE	Stoke City	P. Bardsley	72	1.9	0.009BIGBAZ		Crystal Palace	M. Kelly	74	3.2	0.011JAMIN		Crystal Palace	A. Mariappa	71	1.9	0.008JAMIN		Reading		C. Gunter	71	2.1	0.007MACKENIE	Aston Villa	L. Bacuna	73	3.2	0.009MACKENIE	Aston Villa	A. Hutton	73	2.2	0.01TIMMO		Bournemouth	S. Francis	72	1.9	0.009TIMMO		Stoke City	A. Wilkinson	71	1.7	0.008TIMMO		Bournemouth	A. Smith	70	2.1	0.006WINCHO		Arsenal		C. Chambers	72	3.9	0.006

Anyone still selling, interested in selling any of the above?

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