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FMTL season 1 - Keith's Dad: Winner Winner Balotelli Dinner


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Yeah, I'd love to try to watch too if that's OK, just to see how it works and that. Might be useful for future seasons, to see how the opposition play and stuff! Maybe we should pop it in the rules, that you have to make your game available to watch before starting?

Can you please try to remember to look in Chat Pants, and accept our requests to view your game?


it's in Steam/Settings/Broadcasting - Friends can watch my games. Then you won't even have to accept anything. :)

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For anyone that cares, that was actually quite exiting.

Mards vs. Pants, me watching the stream, KD in the chat with us all, went down the wire, 2-2 draw, very tense. I am definitely up for streaming my games and chatting with everyone while they play out. Especially if they are important games, I imagine it'll be really fun. :)

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Quality end to the first of hopefully many FMTL seasons.

I was pure shite but move of the season has to be me signing Adrien Silva as a superb midfielder during the mid-season window and then forgetting to bring him in for a single fucking game :lol: brilliant!

Well played lads!

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I have no real idea what I'm doing, even after reading the season one OP, but looking forward to it. 4-1-2-2-1 for life!

You'll pick it up quick. It looks complicated, but is pretty easy to get to grips with when it's up and running.

Any questions please feel free to ask. We're a friendly bunch and I'm happy to help.

PS: 4-1-4-1: Formation of champions.

I had no idea of what I was doing this season either, as a FTL virgin.

By the 2nd half of the season, I was knobbling, poaching and wheeling/dealing with the best of them. You'll be fine, just PM any of us if you need any help. Just not Tomox, as he's EVIL.

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