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Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall


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Legendary TV is remaking Lost in Space, with Netflix winning a bidding war. Neil Marshall is involved and expected to direct.

Not sure about the writers though. They did Dracula Untold, The Last Witch Hunter and the weird looking upcoming Gods of Egypt. Didn't bother watching the first two as they seems to be bad. If Rottentomatoes are to be trusted, they turned out awful.

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12 hours ago, Danster said:





Said to y wife while we watched the trailer that Robbie had better say "DANGER WILL ROBINSON< DANGER!"


It didn't disappoint. :)



Used to watch the original series reruns when I was a kid. Was chuffed to bits when it went from black & white to colour. Looking forward to this.

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First episode...



I would've preferred it if they didn't start straight away with the crash. A bit of preamble might've been nice. Because at this point, I don't know the characters or give a shit about them. So the whole thing was uninteresting. Definitely picks up at the end of the episode but it was a slog getting there.


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Episode 2



You know I can accept spaceships and strange planets and weird alien robots. However, my suspension of disbelief can't cope with said spaceship being submerged underwater with the doors open for ages and then being good as new after a quick run over it with a hairdryer.

Their MAKO from Mass Effect thingie is absolutely spotless and even has a pristine dust sheet still draped over it! I thought, oh maybe that bit was sealed, then I remembered they made a point of stupid daughter swimming into the garage in the last episode!



Only about 5 posts on here and virtually zero chatter about the show online. Doesn’t seem to have had a particularly impactful launch. 

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The show is about on the same level as the recent Star Trek series tier in quality. It's OK for what it is. It should have been a bit funnier though, since it seems like a kids show. Or a 'Spielberg Kids' show as someone mentioned earlier. Most episodes also overplay any tiny event to create drama (and play ill fitting music) which gets a bit tiresome.


That said the costumes, sets, fx and the robot are good and the acting isn't too terrible. It's watchable kid tier sci-fi.


If you don't feel like watching it after the third episode though then don't continue, it doesn't change.


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Going to watch a few more episodes before deciding to stick with it or bin it. They finally introduce opening credits in episode 3. They remind me a bit of Star Trek Enterprise. However, they've used the most bland generic 'this is epic and important' music possible for it. Then they play a snippet of an orchestral version of the original theme at the very end to remind you of the much better stuff you could have been listening to. If you have John Williams penned music at your disposal then use it! At least they use it at the end of episodes.


I even have a soft spot for the dance remix style version they released for the film, complete with random soundbites from Joey.

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