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Sociable Soccer - Jon Hare - Kickstarter


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He can't use the name Sensible Soccer (Codemasters have it) so it's going to be sociable soccer.

It isnt a sensi clone apparently it is a spiritual successor. It is 3d but you can fix camera to a few viewpoints (including overhead and FIFA style). Also you can choose 1 button control or more like FIFA which sounds errrr interesting.

No more to add other than I'm in


It might be a bag of shite but I'd rather give him the money and maybe have a good arcade alternative to the yawnfest that is FIFA/PES.

good interview here


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Pretty much what he says in the Eurogamer interview.

There might also be questions about transfer markets. We're not doing a full transfer market as we had in SWOS, for a very good reason. SWOS took three years to develop from scratch - from Sensible Soccer then going through to SWOS. It reflects a whole transfer market that was based on real players at the time. We cannot generate all that and deliver it next year. It would be too much work.

But if this is successful, perhaps you could work on a more ambitious project afterwards?

Jon Hare: Absolutely. With football games, you build franchises. When we were working on the Sensible Soccer series, we put it out on six or seven platforms and about five or six different versions. There were two or three versions of Sensible Soccer and about three or four SWOS. And then we did '98, which was trying to modernise to 3D in a way that didn't work at the time. And then 2006 was another attempt.

I think the way to go forward is to build a new franchise that puts all the online multiplayer in, and then let's see what happens next. If you've got a successful football game you then build on the franchise. Every season you put out a new version. We all know how it works. And you can build in over time things like transfer markets.

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I'd quite like a Sensi spiritual sequel, but that video pitch is absolutely appalling. I hate it, and I hate him, and I hate everyone who watched it beforehand and thought the pitch was a good idea.

Ooh, wonder if the 360 port of Sensible Soccer will get the BC treatment?

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Even Steve Screech admits in interviews that Dino Dini did the coding.. he claims he had the idea and also claims to have done the sprite design. Not sure what else.

Certainly Kick off 3 indicates that Dino Dini was the "brains" behind kick off. it being amazingly alot worse than Kick off.

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Clearly kick off was effectively a home version of Tekhan World Cup. So I think you would struggle to claim to have come up with much original with regards to the top down view and player design.

What was really revolutionary about Kick off, was the fact the ball didn't stick to within an inch of your feet as was the tradition with football games up until that point - The ball was alive, and it made a massive difference.

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The idea?

I did say he CLAIMED to have had the idea

Steve, how did the Kick Off series come about in the first place?

I had the Kick Off idea whilst I was on holiday in Ibiza back in 1987. I'd always wanted to be part of a great football game and after watching a top down footy game in the lobby of the hotel I was in, I began to formulate a plan.

How many people were involved in the making of KO2?

Well there was Dino Dini, who did the programming and refined the gameplan, then there was Steve Redpath who contributed some incidental graphics and then there was myself. I did the tactics and most of the graphics and teams etc.

So there you go.

oh and here is the interview, bizarrely with a Crystal Palace fans website (the big time)... he also claims Dino hates football.


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