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Forza Rllmuk Cup Time Trial 6 1976 F1 Prague

Boozy The Clown

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Allow me...

Assists are allowed yes. Dirty laps ideally not really, that way claimed lap times can be checked on the leaderboards. But I guess the deadline for this TT has passed now so if you're certain it didn't effect the lap time then I'd let you off with it.

The cars here for this challenge are R899 as standard, so not really anything/much you can upgrade on them to the R900 limit allowed, but you can tweak the setup yourself if you know what you're doing, or try downloading one someone else did. You can search for R class tunes and look through what's available. Alternatively check the leaderboard in the game for the track and R class and scroll through to find someone who did a fast time in one of the eligible cars and if it's shared then download the setup they used and try that.

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Yeah there's a few occasionally, but sadly not so many as they used to be in the 360 days :(

We've been having a bit of a Historic series organised by RFT (RichXM655) before we had a break for chrimbo and new year and the next race is scheduled to be going on this Sunday eve 9pm to get us back into it. It's been alternate weeks in lower class saloon cars then rapid Can-Am sport cars the next and this one is going to be in the Can-Am's at Watkins Glen circuit. You should check out the "Historic Trophy series 3" thread...



...and give the cars a try and see if you'd be up for joining in. All the cars are meant to be roughly equal I think and RFT has done a couple of tunes for some of them too, search RichXM655 in the setup bit to find them.

It's a bit of a shame that more people haven't got involved as Rich must've put a good load of time in to organise it all, but even with the smaller grids we've had some awesome fun close racing :)

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