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Essential PlayStation 4 games


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Please read this spoiler first!

Returning to this idea, because I'm now looking at moving onto the new generation! After starting the 3DS thread at http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/284023-essential-3ds-games/ I created a couple of other threads in the Retro folder, and others did the same. But those are not the only consoles!

How it works: each poster should post the title of one game per post, and give a short description or review as to why it's essential. We're talking Eurogamer-essential here, not if-you-don't-own-this-throw-your-PS4-away-essential. When you're reading the thread, if you have played that game and think it's essential, press the pos button. That way someone who's reading the thread for recommendations can see the strength of opinion behind each suggestion.

Try not to discuss the games in this thread. If possible, link to the game's thread on the forum so discussion can go there!


I've not played the PS4 version of this, note, as I don't have a PS4. But I have played the PS3 game many many times, and know that it is one of the best experiences ever committed to silicon. The PS4 version is identical in terms of story, experience and control, with the single difference being the graphical overhaul. It's a pareto improvement.

Part of the joy of Journey comes from now knowing anything about the game before playing it. It is a unique experience, which can be explored alone but is probably best when someone else joins you. Not a friend, note - you cannot choose who your partner is, and you will learn very little about them due to the game's limited communication options. Despite this, you will form bonds and feel empathy for your companions during the game's short playtime.


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One of the first, and one of the best PS4 games. It a shmup that can be played by anyone, and doesn't require the ability to navigate bullet hell on one hand, and on the other it allows for a level of skill and ability to build massive scores. Following the premise of Defender for the main mode, the game is split into 5 worlds, each with an end level boss. Rescue the humans, shoot the enemies and keep the multiplier going, that's the main premise. There are also power ups along the way that will increase fire rates and agility, as well as the ability to boost around the stage or fire a giant frikkin laser beam. All these combined along with other techniques such as juggling, allow for quite complex gameplay that will see some huge scores.

There are other modes too with the season passes that give great variation on the theme (along the same lines as Gemetry wars 2 had variations)

I'm not a massive fan of Shmups, I love how some of them look but I just don't have the patience to learn all the techniques. But I adore Resogun, because its is so accessible, and has huge depth once it get it's claws in you.

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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture


​An 8 hour journey through a stunningly realised small English village slowly piecing together the events surrounding everyone's complete disappearance. The game feels entirely unique, and has so many story angles running behind the scenes. It's as much soap opera as sci fi.

The game may not suit everyone. Its slow walking speed and no fail gameplay certainly has its detractors, but for anyone who appreciated Dear Esther (also made by these guys) and for anyone who just fancies a hugely atmospheric and well written interactive story, this really is essential. Click on the thread and read all the gushing!

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