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Rllmuk Forza Cup TT4 Rio National A Class British Cars

Boozy The Clown

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Track : Rio National (2.84 miles)

Car Class : A

British Manufacturers

Aston Martin






Land Rover




Rolls Royce



You know the setup by now, there's a lot of cars to try out and it's a track that demands practice as shown in the pic above.


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"about as British as Bratwurst."

Aston Martin - Qatari

BAC - British

Bentley - German (VW Group)

Caterham - Malaysian

Jaguar - Indian

Land Rover - Indian

Lotus - Malaysia

MG - Chinese

Rolls Royce - German (BMW - exactly as british as Mini)

TVR - only car is from the Smolenski era, so russian? "british" revival is yet to happen...

Vauxhall - American. There's more british-built and engineered cars in the Ford list than the vauxhall one.

Ban the glitchy old cooper, sure, but it seems odd to get rid of the rest of them - You've also missed Bowler off the list.

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multiclunk - BAC Mono - 1:41.139

Meatball & Snoop in the top ten for Europe the world! Well played chaps

Cheers. And corrected that for you ;)

Those times for the leaderboard...

SnoopZaka - Lotus Elise '99 - 1:33.790

Meatball - Lotus Elise '99 - 1:33.967

The Elise is quite a lively little thing, moving round quite a bit on the undulating road surface but I think I got it mostly in check now, just hopping the kerbs at that chicane section toward the end of the lap with the tyre barriers at speed can be tricky and easy to make smashy smash.

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yeah i had to join you in the elise to get the upper hand on the time, though using a slightly different tune. the BAC didnt seem to have enough grunt to keep up with your ghost for the first half of the track, would usually catch up on the sharp right out of the tunnel or the sharp left down the hill and into the chicane but then you'd pull away again between the chicane and coming around the final fast corner.

lotus feels alot more unsteady though and takes more concentration to keep in check for sure coming down the hill in particular

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