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Rllmuk Cup TT No.2 - Le Mans C Class

Boozy The Clown

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Rllmuk Cup TT No.2 Le Mans C Class Japanese Manufacturers


How to Time Trial

1. Select Go Race tab

2. Select Rivals

3. Select Class C Time Attack

4. Select Le Mans Bugatti Day

5. Select car. (Japan C 500)

6. Load Tuning Setup/Race Anyway

7. Select tune from Recommended Tunes / My Tunes

8. Download and Install

9. Buy for xx,000cr

10. Select assists / A to accept

11. Start Race

12. Post Name - Car - Time in thread.

e.g. Boozy - Ford Capri - 2:05.789

Allowed Manufacturers








Final Results

1. Meatball - Toyota Celica '03 - 1:55.955

2. SnoopZaka - Honda Civic '97 - 1:55.991

3. McSpeed - Honda Civic '97 - 1:57.878

4. Meerman - Honda Civic '97 - 1:57.976

5. jashin1973 - Honda Civic '97 1:59.226

6. Boozy - Subaru 22b STi - 2:01.628

7. Christoph84 - Honda Civic '97 2:01.960

8. The Kron - Honda Civic '97 [EK9] 2:04.221

9. ryodiUK - Lancer GSR 08 - 2:05.927

Leaderboard Updated 28/9/15 08:21

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i'd recommend downloading the tune by CQR TacticaL as i notice you haven't got a tune on your car. me jashin and dimahoo have all used it so far judging by the leaderboards.

knocked another second off so now i have

SnoopZaka - Honda Civic '97 - 1:55.991

I'll have a look, I've tuned the car for corner exit (despite FWD understeer) to give me a good run on to each short straight.

I started with a lightweight, big turbo Legacy. Mega acceleration but mid corner speed wasn't there.

Fucking love this game.

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McSpeed - Honda Civic '97 - 1:57.878


Lovely car, great tune - the same one SnoopZaKa mentioned here before. They just don't get any better than that.

I could probably gain another second or so by running a manual clutch and dumping it in gears - like Snoop does! - but I sort of feel that's cheating considering damage is off so you don't damage the 'box. So, yeah.

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1:59.100 here. I think I could probably cut half a second off with some setup tweaks and a bit of luck but that but that's really my limit. Plus this track is real narrow in places so there's a point where laptimes become irrelevent and racecraft becomes far more important - which no good hotlap can teach you. Happy enough to retire until tomorrow night!

Close at the top - 4 RLLMUKers in Europe's top 30 :lol:

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