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Nintendo Stars Catalogue, Wii/DSi point raffle! (Quick, use up your Stars before end Sep, maybe win a prize)


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Do you have a small amount (although at least 400) of Nintendo Stars left in your balance, but nothing you want to buy? Fancy the possibility of winning some points to use for Wii or DSi downloadable games (not for 3DS or Wii U)? Then read on...

EDIT: Glad to see some interest in this. Please be quick to use up any Nintendo Stars by buying Nintendo Points card before end of September (end of Wednesday).

The process:

- Visit the Nintendo Stars Catalogue (http://stars.nintendo-europe.com/)

- Login with your Nintendo Network ID or Club Nintendo account (bonus 750 Stars if you "link" the two)

- Buy Nintendo Points cards. Each 400 Nintendo Stars buys 100 Nintendo Points

- Visit https://wiipointscard.nintendo-europe.com/and login with your Club Nintendo account

- Note down the code number for each Nintendo Points card

- PM the codes to Danster (not to me) and let him know how many Nintendo Points the code is for

- Danster will give you a ticket number in return, one ticket number for each multiple of 100 Nintendo Points you PM to him

- Danster has also kindly offered to donate £1 to charity for each 1000 Nintendo Points entered, up to a maximum of £50

- After end of September, Danster will perform a draw, and the winning ticket will win all the Nintendo Points entered

Please remember to PM Nintendo Points codes, not Nintendo Stars codes from games, to Danster. If you want to donate Nintendo Points to the raffle just out of the kindness of your heart to use up your Stars and don't wish to actually enter the raffle, you're very welcome.

Original post below:

I had the following idea, which I hope others will think is a good one. I have 500 Nintendo Stars left in my balance, which is too low to buy much in the catalogue, and I have figured that there are probably a lot of other Rllmuk readers in the same situation. All of these little bits of balance will just get lost on 30 Sep if we don't do anything. It would be great if we could pool these Nintendo Stars together, but unfortunately once Stars are in one person's account, they can't be transferred to another.

However, one can buy Nintendo Points cards using Nintendo Stars, and Nintendo Points cards can be redeemed in the shopping apps on Wii and DSi (not in the Wii U or 3DS eShops unfortunately), and the codes will last for a while after 30 Sep. So by buying Nintendo Points with your leftover Nintendo Stars, you have the possibility of retaining at least a little value after 30 Sep.

Of course, if you only have, say, 400 Nintendo Stars left, that's only enough to buy 100 Nintendo Points, which is worth roughly 70p. The cheapest Wii Virtual Console game costs 500 Nintendo Points, or £7, or 2000 Nintendo Stars.

So what I was thinking of was a raffle. You use up your Nintendo Stars buying Nintendo Points cards (each 400 Stars buys 100 Points), you send the Nintendo Points codes to someone trusted who will keep them in escrow, a winner is drawn randomly from the people who enter who wins all the Nintendo Points. Each multiple of 100 Nintendo Points you enter will give you one chance to win, so if you entered 500 Nintendo Points that would give you five chances to win all the points.

Alternatively, and if there are a lot of entries and people think this is fairer, there could be multiple draws from the entries, with the first drawn winning, say, 2000 Points, the next 1000 Points, then multiple remaining winners winning 500 Points each until all the points are exhausted.

To me, it doesn't really matter how the prizes are distributed (as long as the smallest prize is at least 500 points, which is enough for one NES game) - the important thing is that you would need to spend those Stars buying Points before end Sep.

Would does anyone else think?

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Cool. Well, I've just bought a code for 100 Nintendo Wii/DSi points which I'll throw into the hat to start with. I'll rule myself out of winning the draw.

Any ideas as to who should be PMd the Points codes to keep track of them, and to keep track of number of entries per person? I'm happy to do it but I don't post here often so may not be trusted.

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I think you need 400 stars to buy 100 wii points.

Anyone who wants to take part, what you need to do is spend your remaining stars on wii points. Then send the codes to me via pm.

For each hundred points you give me, I'll give you a ticket number then once the site shuts down I'll make the draw and the lucky winner bags all the codes.

For every thousand Wii points entered I'll donate a pound to a refugee charity, up to a max of fifty quid.

Roll up, roll up!! Get rid of your stars and make a rllmuker's day! :)

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By the way, if anyone has previously bought Nintendo Points from the Stars Catalogue and not redeemed them, you can look up the codes at wiipointscard.nintendo-europe.com (login with Club Nintendo account). Unfortunately you cannot tell from that site which codes have been used, and as far as I know, the only way to tell if a code has been used is to try and redeem it in the Wii or DSi shops, at which point it would be used!

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For the purposes of the raffle that this thread is about, it looks like you can use https://wiipointscard.nintendo-europe.com/directly to buy Nintendo Points cards using your Stars, without having to use the main Stars Catalogue site.

It doesn't look like there are going to be a lot of entries into this raffle, but even if not, and even if you're not interested in winning, it still seems a great idea to me for people to use up their Stars buying Nintendo Points cards, as at least they have a little value and continue to be useful after today. You could either then PM the codes to Danster, or just give them away for free, or even sell them if you really want to. But you've only got until midnight!

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Okay, I'm guessing that everyone who wanted to enter has. But I won't do the draw until 1pm, I'll be using random.org to do the draw.

Ticket numbers (so far) are:

1 - pelago

2 - dunni

3 - hercules

4 - hercules

There are 500 points up for grabs.

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