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Hey all,

I'm hoping this will be a general thread for the game!

And so onto my question.

I've played this a few times now and enjoyed it immensely. My friend threw away all the character sheets so we are starting again... And this time I'm going to DM.

I've found found various cheat sheets etc, however what I'd like to know is - any recommended starter campaigns? I don't have time to draw up my own although I am going to tinker with a few ideas here and there (story based, nothing effecting anything important).

I'd happily buy/download a campaign for level 1 characters.

Thanks :D

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There's an adventure finder on Paizo.com that might be useful - there's a whole load of different "adventure paths" that they've written.

On the other hand, if you fancy something a bit more old-school dungeon crawly then I recommend looking at Stoneheart Valley from Frog God Games.

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