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USA 2015-16 TV Premiere dates etc..


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This might be handy for keeping track of when the new season's series are starting/returning..


The following are missing from it:

The Last Kingdom: Oct 10 (BBC America)

Into the Badlands: Oct 15th (AMC)

The Man in the High Castle (Nov 20th) is an Amazon series - so on that day you can get all 10 eps..

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Downloaded it along with the muppets, but I'll be watching TIE90 PT2 after gym tonight. I also use poddesign, done so for a few years, is great. UK site so it shows the show the day after its aired in the US.

Just now I'm watching Rick n Morty, Fool Us, Documentary Now and Continuum. Given up on Fear the Walking Dead and Bastard Executioner.

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Pitch for Blindspot:

"I've got a great idea. That hot lady from the Thor movies, naked and covered in tattoos"

"Sounds good. What's the story?"

"... What?"

Limitless was alright, but like cassidy I was a bit wary of it simply becoming use your power to solve crimes going forward.

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Just watched the first ep of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, really enjoyed it. It's a bit like a crazy Broadway mashup of Jane The Virgin and Flight of the Conchords, so if you like either of those shows I'd definitely give it a go.

:lol: @ the rapper and the 'sexy getting ready' song..

Lead actress is Rachel Bloom, who pretty much started her career via Youtube.. writing/singing a tender love song about her desire for a famous science fiction writer..


F*** Me, Ray Bradbury

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