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BAP Season 32 - Sign up and details


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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

It's all change with a new game, a new season and a new approach.

The season kicks off on the 1st October.

If you are up for the challenge, please stick your name down below!


There are two major changes that'll be in effect for our 32nd (!) Season..

Team selection shake-up

Firstly, the team selection will be changed and we're moving away from the auction night. I know it's been popular over the years, but it's also been a bit of a hinderance to any change of approach.

My aim is to keep it relatively simple, but also ensure managers get to have a bit of fun with it.

Valuing players

This will be based on their BAP Index (performance) and their Player of the Season showing. The exact method is to be determined, but the end result will be a value per player between 4m and 20m.

Funding teams

Teams are given funds. This will be 1/4th of the overall value of the players in the season.

Managers pay for their own contracts.

Bidding windows

There will then be four 24hr closed bidding window. Managers are presented with a selection of players with which to submit a closed bid on. They will have a min/max number of players they can have in their team that they are to adhere to.

There will be a minimum bid amount associated with each player.

New/returning players will be given a list price based on my judgement.

At the end of each of the first three windows, the managers who have bid the highest get their players. Any players who didn't get a bid goes to the final pot for a last chance.

Any players still not bought after the last window closes will be assigned to teams.

Real team look and feel

Already voted on by the players, this change can be summed up as:

Managers pick a real life team to represent their club before the draft/auction.

Before the first competitive match, managers have ensured all players have transformed their pro into one of the chosen team's players.
That means their pro:
* has the same height
* has the same weight
* has the same position
* has been altered to resemble the RL player they are to represent
Players must stick with that pro for the entire season. They can be played in other areas, but must retain the above attributes. (eg a RB can be played at RM, but he will still be a RB!)
The available teams and information regarding the stats etc will be made known to the players prior to the start of the season.
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We (by we I mean someone here who can work such magic.) should put together a swish image and get Rllmuk to post it up on Facebook and Twitter a few times!

And then we can all share that on our facebook and Twitter so everyone knows how cool we are. Gotta catch a few with that kind of marketing genius.

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