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Forza 6 - RLLMUK Cup signup thread

Which day suits you best to race in the FM6 rllmuk cup  

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It's been a while, but now that Forza Motorsport 6 is almost upon us, we've decided we want to organise another forum racing cup.

I'm collaborating with Boozy the Clown - he's going to take care of the choice of car and tracks, and the type of race (endurance, teams, sprint - tba) whilst I'll do the scoreboard spreadsheet and the organisation in general. More will be announced when later, but for now please register your interest by replying with your gamertag. Furthermore, take the poll above to let us know which day suits you best.

Races will be of course held in the evenings, and the bar will be set low (low class car, damage off, assist allowed, stock tuning, etc).

There will only be one league of 24 participants at first, so it'll be on a first come - first served basis (so be quick!). If we get more than 24 people, there will be wildcards handed out for those who missed the boat, so they can join when there's a spot left. You can see the list of participants below.


  1. Meerman
  2. Boozy the Clown
  3. RichXM655 (RFT)
  4. Harns
  5. SnoopZaka
  6. Jashin1973
  7. Dudley
  8. Footle
  9. mlewis
  10. CypherQ (MattyP)
  11. Dimahoo
  12. del3k
  13. Joe McSpeed
  14. ryodiUK
  15. christoph84
  16. multiclunk
  17. Meatball
  18. ngcholer
  19. Yoshimax
  20. Bleeders
  21. Revival
  22. mexos3
  23. jskone
  24. SnakePlisskenUK
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If you can make it around 2030GMT (2130 Dutch Orange time) i can make most Sundays.

I'm easy otherwise. Whatever you like.


Oh Boozy...one thing..

Oh make sure its Lime Rock Alt 2 (with both Chicanes mate) - a more enjoyable track with a nice Chicane.

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We've decided the first race will be at Lime Rock this Sunday in D class cars. I'll set up a time trial in Online to coincide. Looking at having the race from 8.30 pm with a possible practise / qualifying session included until all are present. Share your thoughts on this.

Good time! :) Sundays are great for me.... How long do sessions usually last BTW? Also I'm picking up this on Friday. I maybe a bit of a mobile chicane on Sunday lol...

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The room will also open about an hour early to let people do practice laps before the race starts. Everyone can join the lobby via the friends list (no party chat either) and when there's a bunch of people waiting in the lobby because they arrived a bit later, we'll restart the practice session to let them on the track as well.

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All added. :)

Don't worry about that, we're aiming for a bit of fun. No hardcore sim racer mentalists in this one.

:) I'm looking forward to playing this on Friday/Sat night to get some kind of practice in... Not really been online playing much either (other than FH2 road trips - fun!) with the XBO so will have to mess about with this too.... :)

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I'll be there but I'll have had the game 20 minutes and thanks to my sofa not being here yet I'll be attempting to play with a controller while lying on a bean bag too far from the screen.

This may not be my finest hour.

Also we're using proper (chicaneless) Lime Rock right?

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