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It's like Streetpass type stuff but on a phone is it not? You've always got your phone with you - so as you walk around, I imagine you'll find Pokemon, but also be encouraged to go off the regular path of an occasion to find other ones... so, head out at lunch time down the street. It could work really quite well. I'd rather not strap a Pokemon thing to my wrist though....

I don't have an iWatch, but it would make sense for them to make a watch app for it.

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So they're bringing the Pokemon world into ours through AR?

Does this mean that towns will be setting up Virtual Gyms, Stadiums & Pokemon Centres?

I guess they could, but somehow I can't see them going as far as allowing kids to forgoe all that 'education' nonsense & just head off on epic journeys around the country to catch, train & battle their virtual creatures in lieu of an actual career though.

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Agree with Cyhwuhx. This looks seriously amazing, like a proper next step for gaming :D

I never really got intro Ingress because it felt unrewarding - being on either the Resistance or Enlightened side and 'occupying more areas' wasn't a real incentive to keep playing.

Providing Pokémon Go goes sort of back to basics (the RPG games sort of lost me past Emerald), this could be huge fun to play.

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Is it 1st April? How will it even work?

It's actually rather easy to see how it works. Smartphone projects pokémon on real-life environments, you use bracelet to perform gestures like throwing balls to interact with them. GPS/Wifi determines location for pokémon to appear and start raid-style multi-player events (like the Mewtwo from the concept trailer).

It's basically Ingress with a more direct AR component. The only way this could've been better is to project everything positionally through Google Glass/HoloLens.

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I wanted this game back when Pokemon pretty much first came out, I thought about it as a kid for quite some time and now it's finally here... I couldn't really give a shit. It's stll a cool concept but there's no magic left there for me.

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So anyone playing this? I know it isn't available in the UK from the app store but managed to download it anyway.  Just gave it shot and I like it.  Will be fun when I go for a walk to see what Pokemon I come across.  Like if I head to the river, I will find water Pokemon there.  Also there is a Gym in the distance but it is quite the walk. 

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