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Lego build competition - September

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We've been busy making a few different models, so I'll split them into separate posts. Each post counts as one entry for the competition...

First up, the boys made some mini-models.


F-Zero racer


Jumbo jet


Biff's hoverboard from Back to the Future


A coin operated rocket ride from outside the supermarket!

And with the bits left over, a sci-fi plane:



And here they are, all together for the competition entry!


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Got my competition set, didn't end up having a band practice last night after all so I had a bit of a play around.

Tried making a Reaper drone:





Don't know why exactly (not to get too political but I think they're awful things that truly shouldn't exist). I think it was finding the helicopter tail rotor in the pile and thinking "that could be the rear propeller on a drone". Everything else just sort of went from there.

The landing gear is all wrong, I had to make it really chunky when it should actually be very svelte.

And you can see where I've crammed all sorts of stuff into the nose just for ballast, as otherwise it was too tail-heavy and just kept tipping backwards. I overdid it and the canopy wouldn't go down flush.

Building stuff out of Lego is HARD.

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Someone else forgot too. Whoever made that ace little spaceship early on and posted it in the main Lego thread. I'm off out now, but I'll have a look later if no-one else fires it over in the meantime. I'm only really mentioning it because that's the one which will get Wind's vote!

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If we want to stic to the cheap & cheerful concept I'd suggest this as a complete change from last month's mechanical stuff:


Posting from a hudl so sorry if that link doesn't work...

Myself and our 6yo girl literally just bought this yesterday.

So, y'know, let's do this one :P

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