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Horizon Chase - 90s arcade racing, now on Xbox and Switch

T Pot

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Also, best game soundtrack I've heard in a long time.

Return of the King, Barry Leitch was responsible for doing some seminal intro tunes for the 16-bit home computers, before he moved to the US to do console/PC/Toy stuff. He worked on 2 of Magnetic Fields classic racing games too, along with some console racing series originally developed by Gremlin Graphics which I've never played:

The Brazilians for whatever reason are huge fans of the game series Top Gear, some fan site got an interview with him about his composing history and work on this game:

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If anybody likes the music enough to want to buy the OST on a physical CD, Barry Leitch has put it up to buy on his website, a digital release including bonus tracks from the winners of the remix competition is coming later. You can tell Top Gear is a big thing when he includes it twice on the soundtrack to this game:



There was so much love put into this project, it was an absolute joy to write it, and it became very personal to me hearing repeatedly from people how fondly they remembered the old racing game soundtracks I worked on and how much a part of their childhood they had become. It was so heartwarming to hear those stories. So I felt a lot of pressure to deliver something that was as important to me as the originals had been to you..

And for more proof of the Brazilian obsession with that game, Video Games Live even had to do a special composition of the theme tune (which as it turns out is basically the end theme from Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 composed by Barry Leitch) for the Brazilians:

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I downloaded on my phone today, having seen the PS4 announcement. It obviously looks and sounds the part, but is it actually any good as a game? I raced the initial car through the first couple of races, and it's very retro to the point of over-reduction, isn't it? Can you drift or anything?


I hope it gets more gameplay as a transition away from an F2P coin collector.

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2 hours ago, Mrs Horribleman said:

Yeah it's really good especially once the races get harder. You really need to learn the tracks.


Not only that, but you have to master breaking through the packs of traffic without bumping and slowing down. This is obviously random/dynamic each time depending on the flow of the other cars so you really have to be on your toes.

Unlocking new cars and upgrades is such a joy, too.


The whole package is actually really, really, well done. I can't think of a single area for improvement. Even on current gen consoles I'd be looking at giving it a 9/10.

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On 28/08/2015 at 16:34, ZOK said:

I dun made a video, in the NSX which is quite a bit faster than the initial car, especially when souped up. Worth a watch to see some very scrappy early racing turn into a dream finish against a DeLorean, and maximum Pro points to boot. Who knows how that happened.



Man alive, this is still the jammiest first place in the history of Horizon Chase. Anyone who has played this will attest I should have done no better than fifth.

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On 23/10/2018 at 05:45, Mr Majestyk said:

Just a heads up that this is currently 30% off on steam at the moment. Picked it up yesterday and loving it. Proper nostalgia trip back to the days of Lotus Esprit and Top Gear. 


Good call! I've been playing this for the past couple of hours and it feels just like Lotus Esprit 22. The pallette reminds me of Gouraud shading on the Amiga (remember when that was a thing?) and those weird 80's papercraft covers.




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I just grabbed the demo of this on the PS4 and it's amazing, surprised I've not heard more about it. Feels like a great little game, definitely on the list come payday.


On a console that is really struggling for arcade style racers, this should be flying onto peoples hard drives

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