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Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

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I got the unbreakable knife to have a go at Hardcore but I suspect it won’t make much of a difference to how far I actually get.


Three Ghost Survivors appear to be up.


EDIT: Fuck I can’t even do the lowest difficulty one!

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I’ve been thnking about what should come next, assuming Resi 8 is a given anyway. Most of us have been falling between Nemesis or Code: Veronica but I’ve just had a better idea...


..Dino Crisis!


The original was kind of dull and had limited dino selection, boring grey corridors by the bucketload so go crazy, full on, all out Isla Sorna with all kind of weird dinos and overgrown, reclaimed buildings and labs. Tear it apart and make something beautiful.

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2 hours ago, Stevie said:

Has this been posted yet?


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Bwahahaha! For the first ten seconds anyway. 

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What i want more than anything is for them to add Mercs, in this engine, with this spectacular gore.  :eyebrows:


But, truth be told, it wouldn't work as well as RE6, because despite what people think, the movement and combat in that game is fantastic! (disclaimer: for an action-based Resident Evil, not a "this cog fits there" bullet scrounger). 


I know this is an unpopular opinion (outside of Spainkiller, who still flies the flag), but nobody saw past the cheese of the RE6 campaign. Trust me, i play Mercs on my PS4 and its so simple, yet so good: Score attack! Ridiculous shotgun carnage! Burst gameplay at its finest.

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