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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition for every platform! (including Xbox Game Pass)


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Act 2 just got dark, but I am sure it will get reversed out. Still hit me in the feels though, and the consequences of what happened make it look permanent. Not going to mention details obviously for spoilers, but it got me the same way the start of the first Xenoblade did

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Wow, end of Act 2 caught me by surprise.



I knew there was an act 3 so wasn't expecting the final boss battle. Party got wiped but the others jumped in yo finish off, which I didn't;t realise would happen. And then credits!


Act 3 now which is a bit different but still lots of quests and bestiary to finish as well as main story



Plus, there has to be some resolution with Gemma surely? That has to be a marriage thing. Best voiced character in the game


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