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Forza Horizon 2


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You know, a while back I bought into the whole 'Playstation Ecosystem' thing... I have PSPlus and have been adding PS4 games to my DL queue in anticipation of finally getting one, I have a Vita I was looking forward to using for Remote Play etc etc

But now, despite the fact I just know it'll niggle at me that multiplatform games may be technically better on the PS4, I really REALLY want a Bone :facepalm: Halo MC Collection, Sunset Overdrive and, above all, THIS, the follow up to my favourite racer of last gen, have really sold it to me.

Screw it, it's about exclusives, right? Right?? :unsure:

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Except there is offroad rally esque proper set races in FH2. No, not to the extent of FH1, but it's still there.

I would like to see something new. There's plenty that can be done. Ice racing up the Alps? Yes plx.

2 player rally where 1 player drives and the other navigates. Ohhhh spunk everywhere ! Expanded to tournaments with 4 or even 8 teams setting off at 30 second intervals.

Do it Playground.

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Interesting to read the overwhelmingly positive comments on the demo here. Just heard I may get proper hands-on with the full version tomorrow. Should be great then :)

I actually finished FH1 the other day and was reminded how enjoyable the whole package was: Forza physics, day/night cycle, great OST and a strong overworld. It'd be great if FH2 could top that, though I fear the 'go off-road wherever without slowing down' thing could keep it from that.

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Need a job first Jon so gonnae stop asking me that.

Not until you get one, man. I'm only jiving you, cos I want to get you on my friends list.

Good luck on getting a job though, obviously.

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Does the full game have:

1 - Painting and buying car designs like the main Forza series?

B - A photo mode so I can take some nice pics of the Italian Red Arrows?

Yes.. both are a Forza staple now.. they've talked about liveries in interviews and there's photomode stuff in the OS of the demo (albeit disabled.)

Nice that the crowd actually does more than just stand and wave too..




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I had no idea video games had reached such a sensible place. Play with my system set to UK and everything is in MPH. Switch to the US to pre-order and the speed is in KPH. I know it is nothing mind blowing but that is a nice little touch that removes one more step of pissing about in the menus.

Although even when it's the speedo in MPH all the distances are set to KM :/

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