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Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh, Ich Seh)

Dark Soldier

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So this is a new Austrian horror which, like the very best, is splitting critic and viewer reception. I've just finished watching it, and on a personal level its the best horror since Martyrs, which I rate as the second best of all time behind Angst. To describe it purely as a horror is to do it a deservice, as its more an exceptionally dark, twisted drama, but there are moments up there with the best in the horror genre.

Its the kind of film I implore you not to read much about, or to view the trailer, it benefits from going in as blind as you can. Hence why I haven't linked the trailer in here, its on Youtube if you wish to see. The two boy leads and the mother do a superb job for what is, essentially, a three actor show. Its slow, haunting, mysterious, and builds to one hell of a climax.

Highly rated:

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