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9 hours ago, MagicalDrop said:

Good vertical shooters with Tate mode (based on personal play experience)


Strikers 1945


Namco Museum (for Galaga 88, original Galaga also included).


Any excuse to repost my awesome stand 





Can you post build instructions for the stand please

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1 hour ago, AI1 said:

What powerbank does everyone recommend? There's a Ravpower 26800 on Amazon for £36. But is USB 2.0 by the looks of it. Do I need USB 3.0? What charging cable do I need to buy also?


Helllllp meeeee! Ta.

I bought this:


and this (although I get there is far cheaper - I was too lazy not to use Prime)




The power bank is great as it has enough power to charge up the switch a fair amount whilst playing. 



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1 hour ago, Azrael said:

I bet we won't even get a January Direct... 


I'm with this mindset. People should start fabricating luke-warm or boring rumours, that way when something semi-decent is shown it's party time.


The Gamecube VC speculation really needs to end, for a start. That's the very last thing I can see happening.

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Just now, revlob said:

Discover new outfits for Zelda in your Quest to save Legend.


Definitely real.


yeah, thought the same. I don't know why someone would go through the effort of making that but have some really poor grammar and stuff that makes no sense.

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2 hours ago, Darhkwing said:

Apparently it's set to be announced later with the direct tomorrow.. 






But looks fake really. F Zero Rammers?!



hahahahaha - obviously fake.  Funny though.  Strap on with Captain Falcon and RAM IT HOME

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On 25/11/2017 at 13:35, Gotters said:


happy xmas to me, these just arrived, they're almost too pretty to use




I SNES'd mine up with these


22 minutes ago, Mars said:


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3 hours ago, Nequests said:

How is Forma.8? Visually it looks dull but I'm always down for Metroidvania-type things if they're decent enough.


I started playing it when it went free with PS+ and found it quite dull. Not really a Metroidvania, just some caves and a really slow main character. 

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