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1 hour ago, Vorgot said:

Nope. Unless you make that the primary Switch. You can only share games on the primary switch. She can have her pwn profile, but will only have access to games she has bought, or free to play games she downloads. Making her switch the primary one means anyone else who currently plays games on your main switch will lose access.


Ok that's clear. Presumibly I just create her the account on the Lite in her name and then link it to my master NNID? I assume that won't mess up my game saves on the master Switch?


It's all a bit confusing. I am half considering just having her log on and repurchasing the handful of digital games she plays 



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20 minutes ago, hombre_hompson said:



It's all a bit confusing. I am half considering just having her log on and repurchasing the handful of digital games she plays 



I would do this to be honest. She still gets the online benefits from the family stuff but has her own game collection. Will cost a bit more but is the neatest solution. I suggested this to my son, but he does not want to pay £50 for three houses, he will wait till he comes back to mine

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5 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

Anybody used the 8bitdo SN30 Pro+?


Looking at buying one as it has the option of forcing y-axis invert so I'd be able to play stuff like Luigi's Mansion 3 which doesn't have the option in-game.


I have the Pro 2, haven't used it on Switch but I love it. What do you want to know?

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57 minutes ago, teddymeow said:


Just how it feels, really. Build quality, buttons (spongy / clicky), how's the d-pad / sticks? etc.


So far the build quality has been great, it's got that heft you want in a pad without being too heavy. The sticks have more resistance than the joycons and the dualshock 5, a bit more than the switch pro controller and is roughly in the same league as the xbox series x sticks. dpad is great, no complaints playing something like sonic mania or other 2D games. the diagonals might not be perfect though but i'm not great at doing dragon punches anyway. the pro 2 also has two back button triggers as well if that's your thing.

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21 minutes ago, Gotters said:

October release for the new Mario Rabbids Ubisoft game according to Eurogamer.


Should get to see some more of it in the direct later I'd expect.

Looking forward to that, the first one is superb and in the absence of the Advance Wars remakes it’s nice to have a tb game to

look forward to, in addition to when Tactics Ogre also gets announced of course ;)

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Pay a subscription to get your Joycons repaired and working properly. Only in Japan for now.



It's no secret that the Switch - or more specifically the Switch's Joy-Con controllers - have been subject to a number of faults of the years. Perhaps most infamously known for the dreaded drift, the Joy-Con controllers have been a source of pain for gamers the world over, with many opting for the much more reliable Pro Controller for their everyday needs.


It seems Nintendo is finally looking to provide a meaningful service to tackle such issues and has launched a subscription service in Japan to aid customers requiring Switch repairs. As reported by VGC, the service is known as 'Wild Care' and will cost consumers 200 yen per month (roughly $1.50/£1.20) or 2000 yen per year ($15/£12).


The service covers pretty much everything that comes with the Switch hardware, including the consoles themselves, the Joy-Con controllers, the dock, and the AC adapter.


Customers can claim up to six repairs per year, with the service even covering accidental damage and water damage.


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Well so far I have had both original joy-con’s repaired for free (3-4years use) which I think is pretty good.  £1.50 a month is pretty good if it covers the console as well as that is well out of any warranty now, presuming of course that it covers existing ownership and not just newly purchased.

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