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Basically taking it to PS Plus pricing without the generally pretty good free games and the actually functioning online service. I'd say Nintendo are insane but Im sure people will buy it.


That's not to say the N64 games aren't good or anything but it's not quite at the "getting Hell Let Loose for free on release day" and the PS Plus collection level, is it?

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6 minutes ago, Strafe said:


Preordered, thanks! Not sure if I'll end up buying the sub (let's face it, I probably will, maybe even waiting till F Zero X) but fancy having one of these in my collections.


I am part of the problem.

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Well, no matter how much we protest we are all. Some of us will hold out and tell Nintendo to shove it but let's be honest, the rest of us will just resub.


Fucking galling though. Take the saves off the online sub and let them just exist in perpetuity and I'd probably not resub until Splatoon 3 came out.

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