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4 hours ago, Nosejam said:

I booked a repair slot with Nintendo and was expecting a confirmation email with a shipping label. It's been a week now, presumably shouldn't take that long?


This happened with me. You're right it shouldn't take that long. I called them in the end to get my repair sorted. The chap on the phone confessed they have issues with sending email to Gmail accounts(!) so he posted me my postage label. :lol:

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Gmail has a tendency to blacklist spammy mail servers. Or those that look spammy. Or send email lots of users then mark as spam.


Mailchimp and this very forum's own election have both fallen foul of it.

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FIFA18 on Switch receives 494% sales increase in the UK due to price cut


The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 jumped 494% in sales last week in the UK (physical sales only).

It has helped propel the EA game back to No.1. The Switch version of FIFA was heavily cut in price last week to under £30 (including digitally, which isn't counted here), making it the most affordable version of the game on the market.

However, the PS4 version remained the best-selling FIFA, and there was a sales bump for all SKUs of the game.


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2 hours ago, VN1X said:


I must admit I got it :) It's surprisingly fun having ditched the PS4 version as it had so much wrong with it.


Granted it's lacking things i.e. the be a pro mode, the journey. But Im enjoying it as its much more like fifa 17 than the ps4 / xbox fifa 18 :)


Plus it is kinda cool that I can go to bed of an evening and play the career mode (i've never played it before and it's not half bad).

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Re. the Pro Controller meltdown megaton: It's happening because it draws its infinite power from a subspace dimension. Sooner or later the 'branes were going to collapse together. If anyone has one they're worried about going nuclear, PM me and I'll take it off your hands.

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3 hours ago, Strafe said:

So the huge update to Rime was worthwhile. 


Thought I’d try a fresh game to see the opening levels in a frame rate over 10 and resolution in triple figures.


But there’s only a single save slot. :facepalm:


Ok, set up a guest profile so I could go from the start. The update really gives a night and day difference, like the game has come out of early update or something.


Still choppy in parts but stable for a lot of it, a huge increase in resolution in both modes and less pop in.


Well worth picking up.

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