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The Batman - March 2022 - Robert Pattinson Confirmed as Batman


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According to Comingsoon, Matt Reeves has now ordered a page one rewrite, pushing the start of filming back to until at least Jan 2018. Furthermore, Affleck has just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol related issues, which may also tie in to why he is no long directing.

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On 24/02/2017 at 08:59, Captain LeChuck said:



Yes, a Nightwing movie is what I've been waiting for all my life. Said no-one. Ever.


I'd be super interested if it was well cast, based on a decent comic and not set in the current DCEU.


3 hours ago, Hexx said:

Affleck's script entirely ditched




So he's not directing and it's not his script anymore.


Few months he won't be Batman anymore I assume


I hope he can get out of it, losing the chair and the script will crush him, that's the main reason he will have agreed to take the part.


2 hours ago, Charliemouse said:

They should get Grant Morrison to write it and just make it as trippy as fuck.


I would love to see Damian Wayne in at as Robin too.


That at would be awesome, assuming as the kept it as far away from Snyder as possible.


36 minutes ago, JohnC said:

For a moment I thought you meant Damon Wayans.


Wasn'the supposed to be robin in Tim Burton's third movie?

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1 hour ago, Broker said:

Wasn'the supposed to be robin in Tim Burton's third movie?


That was Marlon.






'G.I. Joe' Star Marlon Wayans Still Getting Paid For Not Playing Robin In 'Batman Returns'


"I was cast, I was paid and everything," he explained. "I still get residual checks."                       


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It'd be a shame if Affleck does leave as he's been good as both the Bat & the billionaire. I'd have loved to know what his & Johns' script would've been.


Still, if Reeves has a Batman trilogy planned out that's a good thing I guess. I'm fully expecting an origin story in the first film if Affleck leaves & we get a younger actor playing Bruce Wayne, but it'd be great if he followed up on Nolan's trilogy and we got Joseph Gordon Levitt's turn as the Bat.

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2 minutes ago, JohnC said:

But is it them replacing him, or him being fucked off with it all?


Replace, because obviously the failure of BvS is the fault of the on-screen talent and definitely not the studio execs...

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If he's got a trilogy in mind and they want to bow Affleck out "gracefully", then logically, they'll do it by introducing Nightwing to then take up the mantle.  Which is fine, as its a Batman story we've not seen on screen and would at least do something different.  And Nightwing as a character introduces a lot of interesting stuff they could do story wise.  If the rumours of the Nightwing standalone movie had been true, then it would have been kinda cool if they'd leaded to having a movie with him, Bats and Batgirl and either introduce Red Hood to explain what happened with the Robin costume we see in BvS, or maybe even go with adding Damian Wayne for a big Bat-family story.

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I wouldn't be against a Dick Grayson Batman on screen, but if they're going to go down that route I'd hope they'd bother to build the story of Wayne passing the cowl to his former sidekick. I doubt that'll happen though and tbh I can't really see Warner making a Batman movie not featuring Bruce Wayne in the costume.


I expect they'll just have this trilogy take place before BvS. Or they'll create a plothole retconning Batman younger hoping nobody notices. Or (unlikely) multiverse reboot it.


A shame as the Affleck Batman, murderous side aside, has potential. It's the closest to a modern comic accurate take we've had, he has presence in the cowl. But it's clear something's up, especially with his involvement in the film shrinking by the day seemingly (going from him directing himself from his own script, to maybe none of the above). And the persistent stories that he's struggling somehow personally.

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They kicked off their longrunning series of films with an old Batman at the end of his career and killing off the one other character they'd introduced, a real baffling decision.


I can only assume there was absolutely no oversight for something so counterproductive to their corporate goals to get made.

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I really think you could, with a lot of care do a good film with a much older, physically fucked up Batman, while not just doing a Dark Knight Returns adaptation. Have him early 60s, but 50s would work. I have zero faith in the current DC films universe to do that well at all, though. 


Affleck is too young for that, but apparently too old for what it sounds like they want to do? I would think he is the ideal age for the part to be honest, they can do all the wayne family stuff they could ever want with a middle aged actor. A young batman means another fucking origin story.


WB/DC really are a bit of a farce. 

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31 minutes ago, JohnC said:

The Batfleck is now signed on to do a Matt Reeves Batman trilogy, plus an adaptation of Beyond.




As much as I wish it to be true, I think that rumour came from a small site last week (http://www.fortressofsolitude.co.za/ben-affleck-signs-matt-reeves-batman/) and comicbookmovie.com have just run with it without checking. 

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