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The Batman - March 2022 - Robert Pattinson Confirmed as Batman


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I can’t go to the cinema to watch this so googled “when is the Batman streaming” and got a load of AMP links at the top - “deleted scene reveals such and such” with a handy thumbnail. 

Oh, internet. 

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On 19/03/2022 at 23:17, Nick R said:
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What I meant was that if Keaton does SM Homecoming -> Morbius -> The Flash, and then stops there, that means that he'll be one of the many actors who've only made the jump from Marvel to DC when their role in the former has finished.


But if he does The Flash and then has another MCU appearance as Vulture, we can count him among the short list of people who've alternated between the two companies or have been active in both at the same time.



(Keeping this spoiler tagged not because it's a spoiler for The Batman, but because there might be some people who are staying super-cautious about casting information for upcoming MCU/DCEU films. Even this one, which has been publicised all over the place!)


Also known as knowing where the money is. I highly doubt he does them for the acting challenge.

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The film is so beautiful. 

One thing Warners always had over MCU was the art. Whether to love or hate BvS, there is no denying it’s a beautiful looking and sounding film.


The Batman just takes it to another level. I need to watch it a 3rd time before it’s no longer on screens.


Also, Patman does so much emotion just through his eyes. 

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Absolutely loved the look and feel of this, though I found it a bit baggy. Criticism's of Pattinson's performance are fairly valid, but he's not always given a lot to do. There are moments of excellent body language though.


It took liberally from some of my favourite comics and games, which was a great idea. The silhouette shots looked great to me, contrived as they were. But there was too much going on, and it made me less invested in all the moving parts.


Generally really pleased with it, and going zero-Bruce was a nice angle. I'll happily watch the rest of the trilogy.



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On 13/03/2022 at 00:58, Stoppy2000 said:

One bit that I'm sure was explained but I must've missed-


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When Catwoman finds that recording of her friend being strangled - where did that come from? Who was recording it and why?




Wasn't that just her friend making a recording on her phone which Selena found.


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On 07/03/2022 at 22:26, Doctor Shark said:

Yes, most likely. 

to add to my thoughts:


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I thought Pattinson was…fine? But at the same time didn’t really bring anything to the role. I like that he spent most of the film as Batman, but it also meant it could have been literally anyone under the cowl. Did not like his bully Maguire haircut, but I appreciated them trying to bring a new Bruce to the screen, him being a recluse and traumatised rather than the pretend playboy, but they didn’t develop that side enough, so I didn’t get to see Pattinson’s skills on show. 

Alfred was completely pointless. A throwaway line about teaching Bruce to fight, an excuse to get Bruce to admit he wasn’t over his fears. 

The action was mostly ok, some great fights, proper meaty. Bit too much of Batman getting shot and it having zero effect, though, until that one guy with the double barrelled shot gun near the end. WTF is Batman’s armour made of?!?


Penguin was cool, but could also have been completely removed from the story without to much effort. Colin Farrell was under so much prosthetics that, again, it could have been anyone and Farrell didn’t do a lot (and wasn’t really given opportunity to) to make me understand why he was cast in the role only to be completely altered in appearance. He looked like a fucked up James Gandolfini. The car chase with him was completely pointless. Why Batman did that rather than just go find him again at the Iceberg lounge, I don’t know. Felt like an excuse to have a cat chase, more than anything. 


Gordon was ok. Again, bit of a non character, really. Gary Oldman’s Gordon had purpose and a good arc. This one was just…around.


Catwoman was pretty good. Kept her very close to her Long Halloween version.


Plot was great until the last third, when it all went a bit daft. I liked the Saw-esque serial killer Riddler, less so the flooding the city plot. 

Thought the Commissioner and the Chief of Police had the silliest voices, especially the Chief. He’s there trying to act all tough whilst sounding like Elmo with a sore throat.


Loved the low-key batmobile.


Loved the bat cave being an abandoned subway station.


Loved the bat suit.


Loved the film noir voice over at the start, but then that was quickly abandoned which was a shame.


Loved the detective elements, but don’t feel they played up to them enough - more than any previous film, for sure, but would have liked more. Batman suddenly became very dim when the plot called for it (I knew as soon as I saw the riddle about bringing the rat into the light that Batman would get Falcone who would then be assassinated). 

I liked that the most hi-tech gadget Batman had was some camera contact lenses, as everything else felt very grounded and real. 

Film had more endings than Return of the King. 

My wife mostly found it a bit boring - she was super intrigued when I told her it’d be more like a detective film, she loved the Zodiac film and stuff like that, but she felt the central mystery and investigation wasn’t engaging or clever enough. She also thought Pattinson wasn’t convincing as Batman. And to be fair, out of the suit he did look too skinny and small, but in the suit he looked the business, I thought. 

So not without it’s faults but on the whole I liked it and I’m very excited to see what they do with a sequel. 

Fuck, just imagined a James Gandolfini Penguin and am very sad it will never happen.

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With all the inspiration (also) clearly drawn from Seven the way it climaxed with a not too original action sequence felt a bit underwhelming. Would have loved something a bit more memorable but expecting 90’s Fincher brilliance is probably too much of an ask from a big blockbuster these days. But yeah, beautifully shot and love the score. 

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I thought that was really good. I wish they had let me buy it, though. This HBO max only in the US business is really stupid. 

Anyway, I really liked it. Loved how it’s shot - all that surreal added blur works really well and makes it feel very comic like. And that’s easily the best cat woman, I reckon. 


Not perfect, though. A few niggles:



The detective stuff was a bit clunky in places. The bit with Penguin giving them a spanish lesson was daft. 

Dano was generally great but the whole bit with him giving his followers a speech on tiktok going “I luv u guys, thanks for the detonator recs” was incredibly cringey and killed a lot of what made the character great. The alt right incel stuff was a bit too on the nose. 

I’m not really sure why he decided to allow the police to capture him, either. So he could have that scene with Batman from behind a glass screen, as far as I could make out. 

And the finale being Batman beating up some randoms was a bit of a let down. 

Oh and please, enough with the Joker already. Penguin’s make up was on the border of being silly but Joker just looked terrible.


Oh, and I guess the whole thing means that Bruce has spent two years just pointlessly beating up thugs and hasn’t got a bloody clue about what’s going on in Gotham. 

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I've downloaded a 4K version to watch with a friend tomorrow (I saw it twice at the flicks, but he hasn't been ready to go back yet). It's going to be available on iTunes in some capacity tomorrow (it did initially say Monday, then Tuesday, and now says Monday again). Apparently in the US at least it's getting a 'premium early sale' or somesuch, which I believe is $30. Hope against hope the same deal transfers to the digital services here. I'll happily pay £25 for an iTunes copy tomorrow.

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Overall liked it. But The Riddler was underwhelming and I guess blaming poor orphans is back in style now. After Joker it felt really weird going back to that old narrative.


edit: and it has the best batmobile introduction ever. 



Edited by Stevie
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6 hours ago, Lorfarius said:


Only problem with the Nolan films is Bale. He was a terrible Batman and that voice.... 🤣

At least he looked like he could fight like Batman; Pattinson on the other hand!

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