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Football thread 2015/16 season.

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New fixtures = new season. Go!

Premier League - iVb0yJI.gif

Opening day fixtures:

Saturday 8th August 2015

Arsenal v West Ham
Bournemouth v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Swansea
Everton v Watford
Leicester v Sunderland
Man Utd v Tottenham
Newcastle v Southampton
Norwich v Crystal Palace
Stoke v Liverpool
West Brom v Man City

Champions League - b4G4AUi.png

Group stage - draw: 27th August 2015. Fixtures played over six rounds between 15th September 2015 - 9th December 2015.

Knockout stages:

Second round - draw: 14th December 2015. First legs played between 16-24 February 2016, second legs played between 8-16 March 2016.

Quarter finals - draw: 18th March 2016. First legs played 5-6 April 2016. Second leg played 12-13 April 2016.

Semi finals - draw: 15 April 2016. First legs played 26-27 April 2016. Second legs played 3-4 May 2016.

Final - 28 May 2016.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) Milan, Italy.

FA Cup: 5YJrEpG.gif

first round - week commencing 7th November 2015

second round - week commencing 5th December 2015

third round - week commencing 9th January 2016

fourth round - week commencing 30th January 2016

fifth round - week commencing 20th February 2016

quarter finals - week commencing 12th March 2016

semi finals - week commencing 23rd April 2016

Final - 21st May 2016.

Wembley Stadium. London, England.

England: 2o9pbm6.gif

Sat 5th September 2015 - San Marino (away) Euro 2016 qualifier

Tue 8th September 2015 - Switzerland (home) Euro 2016 qualifier

Fri 9th October 2015 Estonia (home) Euro 2016 qualifier

Mon 12th October 2015 Lithuania (away) Euro 2016 qualifier

13-17th November 2015 currently unannounced friendly international

Euro 2016: QEYpfzJ.jpg

Draw: 12 December 2015

Group phases: 10th - 22nd June 2016

Second round: 25-26-27 June 2016

Quarter finals: 30 June - 3 July 2016

Semi finals 6-7 July 2016

Final - 10th July 2016

Stade de France, St Denis, Paris, France

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I'll keep the first post updated with more info as an when it comes out and when I've got a bit more time. Will put Europa League, League Cup and Football league dates up in due course.

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Who wants a prediction style competition?

We did one at work last year.

You pick

Top 3 in the Premier League

Bottom 3

Top 3 in the Championship, League 1 , League 2, Scottish SPL

You get 0 points for the correct prediction and a point for each position away from your prediction. E.g. if you pick Spurs for 1st place and they finish 6th you get 5 points, pick Arsenal for 2nd and they finish 4th, you get 2 points, pick Man City for 3rd and they finish 1st, you get 2 points.

You get -10 for picking the winners of the League Cup and -10 for the FA Cup and -10 for the Champions League

Lowest scorer wins.

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I'd be up for that. Entries in by the start of the season or by close of the transfer window?

Man City 1st

Last hour of the transfer window... "Aguerro sold to Real Madrid". Dammit.

Man City 4th

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We had a similar prediction game on here last season, but it was for the full PL table. Can do that for this season again. Let's have a new thread for it.

The Premier League's easier to predict.

Top six will include Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, and probably Liverpool and Spurs. Bottom should be Leicester, Norwich, Bournemouth.

Our work one spans the leagues. Scotland will include Celtic being first though.

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It begins tonight! Champions League and Europa League both have games on!

Champions League

Pyunik v Folgore/Falciano, 5pm

Lincoln Red Imps v FC Santa Coloma, 7pm

Crusaders v Levadia, 7.45pm

Europa League

Balzan v Zeljeznicar, 4.45pm

Progrès Niedercorn v Shamrock Rovers, 6.00pm

Renova v Dacia, 8pm


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I assume that stuff with his son can't have helped matters?

So that's 4 teams starting the season in the Prem with a new manager. Anymore to go before August?

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I don't think we should be surprised, he was obviously a difficult employee to handle.

All those betting on Rodgers to get the sack first must be gutted! ;-)

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