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Sea of Thieves


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Day one impressions


1. It doesn't handhold in the slightest. There's a tutorial but it's almost nothing. A very brave decision by Rare that I hope pays off for them. It was certainly fun learning the basics tonight.

2. The loop seems light. Get voyage, do thing, return, sell but it's very, very satisfying.

3. Wave physics are astounding. A joy to sail in

4. It's playable solo. The main thing I was worried about

5. I need to go to bed but I want to dig up more chests.

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28 minutes ago, Flub said:

Couple of questions


If I sail past an island that isn't a den of skeleton shits and it starts shooting cannonballs at me is that likely to be another player? Because it would explain who sank my sloop while I was looking for a chest.


Supplies. Can you buy more bananas and planks or do you have to forage them?


I have a merchant quest to bring a crate of bananas. Any tips? Just go to an island and start harvesting?


1. Its probably a skeleton using the Canon on the island. 


2. You have to find them in barrels, in shipwrecks etc. 


3. Just go find em! 

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19 hours ago, stefcha said:


I've spent quite some time trying to find out about this, and basically nobody seems to know fuck all about it. It is available in the US on the Microsoft store but nobody at Microsoft Support or the store itself has any idea when, or even if, it will be offered elsewhere. It doesn't seem to be like the PUBG offer where everyone gets one who buys an Xbox One X at the right time regardless, that's for sure.



The offer's finally gone live on the UK Xbox store:



I've got to admit that I'd given up hope, so picked up a One X from Grainger Games yesterday. At least it came with the month's free Game Pass trial, which gives you a second month for free (assuming you've never tried the service before).

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9 hours ago, Flub said:

Day one impressions


1. It doesn't handhold in the slightest. There's a tutorial but it's almost nothing. A very brave decision by Rare that I hope pays off for them. It was certainly fun learning the basics tonight.

I agree with this. I sailed on my own first few times to get my head round how everything works. Tried to start of with a crew first but learned nothing this way.


Also tried a merchant quest and again doesnt explain much. Tip: if you need 2 chickens make sure you get 2 cages; they dont fit in one :)


Been switching between pc and xbox one. Pc definately way to play. Hitting stable 60fps on legendary settings on a gtx 970. Saying that still prefer playing xbox one as its hooked upto my plasma.


Overall looking forward to trying it out again as there should be plenty on today.





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Wow. The PC version is seriously impressive. I've got a really old third gen i5, 16gig ram and a 970. The game defaulted to legendary settings. I took my little boat out for a spin and it was a buttery 60 fps

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54 minutes ago, idespair said:


The ironic thing is, last night I spent a while watching a stream mentioned above and then one of flub's videos (the "don't do this one") while waiting to see if the offer came straight on after the 2 controller offer expired at midnight and it put me right off the game. Maybe it'd change in the playing but as it is it looks like one of those games I'm just not going to get the point of.


Might just start up gamepass and give it a try on PC instead.

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It's improved from the beta. Feels smoother, combat feels slightly less clunky but still feels slightly off. Hard to judge solo, seems like a lot of hassle to do anything. But I had a fairly epic confrontation last night:


I came up on an island in the dead of night (night is DARK in this game) and spied a big galleon moored just off the coast. I jumped overboard and swam underwater, so as not to gain their attention; there'd be at least three of them.


Well, I boarded the ship and ran below decks, ready to steal their treasure. One chest. Looked suspiciously like the one I'd picked up not so long ago - a crate of rare tea. I looked around. This was my fecking boat! I'd got turned around underwater and boarded me own bloody boat! 


I jumped back in the water and saw two of their crew swimming towards my sloop. One spotted me and opened fire. He missed, not accounting for the water slowing his shot. He also failed to notice the shark right behind him and gaining fast. I fired back, hitting him. Blood in the water. More sharks appeared. He noticed them. Oh, he certainly did. I could seem him panic and make for the surface, but it was too late, and the sharks had their fill of him. Suddenly I was hit! I fired blindly in the gloom in the vague direction of the other guy. Think I got him, as no more shots came. Hurting, I turned in the water to head back to my boat, just in time to see a shark loom out of the murk at me, all jaws and teeth. Then, only darkness. 




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Downloaded this morning and explored the dock area before jumping in the sea and switching off. I’ve not played any of the betas and really like the atmosphere the art gives off. 


Really looking forward to giving it a good go tonight and hopefully teaming up with a few of you. 

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14 hours ago, mr_woo said:

For anyone that wants to give this a go under Gamepass (and hasn't used Gamepass before) you can buy a months pass from cdkeys for £1.50.  When you redeem it it will give you another month free if you turn auto renew on.  Do this, complete the transaction and then turn auto renew off in the settings, profit :) 

Cheers! Cancelled my preorder and opted for the Game Pass instead. Seems mad not to!

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I feel like I should get this but I've barely played anything on my XB1 this year.  Maybe this could be the game that entices me back?


Can you team up with randoms easily enough, or are many Mukkers forming crews as I reckon I might find solo play a bit stale after a while?

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1 minute ago, Hoodedclaw said:

Been sat watching these dudes play it this morning ( im working honestly ) 






Yes, I was watching some Korean stream yesterday and I almost never watch game streams.  He was pootle-ing about doing solo treasure runs and it just looks strangely relaxing in that mode.  KCD does walking in the woods unlike anything else out there and this might be the sailing equivalent.

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Hmm. Did a voyage, got several hundred gold. Then quit and went back in to see whether your ship and supplies are persistent. They're not, so you start with a new ship and the default amount of bananas etc. That's fine.


But my gold is gone! That's not fine at all! 

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20 minutes ago, Scribblor said:

But my gold is gone! That's not fine at all! 


Some people on Resetera were reporting that. I think it's like the bug where you lose all your equipment. Drown yourself and it might come back.


Someone on Resetera compiled a load of tips from the official forums for Solo Sloop play



♦ @Psych0-KnIghTrO - 'Many people feel the need to be at the helm at all times, and thus believe that it's impossible to do all the other things on the ship. Leave the helm alone, the ship will stay it's course. Bail water, patch holes, and then go back and do minor corrections. Once you realize you don't have to be on the helm all the time the sloop becomes a lot easier to handle.'

♦ @Mr-Cow-plop - 'The small ship has a golden handle on the wheel that gives a 'bump' on the controller. This locks it in place allowing you to stay on course. You can even see the map by looking over the railing.'

♦ @Cold71 - 'As others have said don't spend 100% of your time on the helm. Outside of that I always recommend doing a few circles around and island before parking some place out of sight. Since you'll have no one to guard the ship or keep an eye on things it's double important to make sure you'll have enough alone time to get done what you need.'

♦ @Bimmerphile1 - 'Another tip for someone sloop sailing:. Always raise the anchor from behind the wheel, facing it. This will make you do one complete circle and then pop out right next to the wheel for quick control.'

♦ @Tre-Oni - 'The crows nest is a massive help I've found.

Alot of times on my own if I've got a good stretch of sea ahead of me and nothing I need to worry about hitting I'll let the ship do its thing and sail itself in the direction I pointed it at while scoping every possible angle from the crows nest. It's saved me from alot of fast approaching ships.

Getting down is fast as well even with the ladder so if there's an emergency you should see it well before its too late to get down.'

♦ @McPoopy7000 - 'To expand on that: Set your course and get headed in that direction, then be sure to put the helm in the forward position (indicated by controller vibration) before you step away. Otherwise, you'll end up getting turned around really fast if you're not actively steering.

Also just a simple "trick" I guess: When timed just right, you can jump over the railing in front of the helm and grab the ladder leading up to the crow's nest without having to go down the stairs to the main deck. It's only a couple seconds saved, but I'm a sucker for efficiency.'

♦ @LogansDadToo - 'A skilled helmsman or woman should be able to 'drift' into the intended place if you raise the sails in advance! There should be no need to use the anchor at all.'

♦ @JerichoXGaming - 'I don't think anyone has said this one yet... But when sailing at night, if you are concerned about visibility and stealth, turn off your torches all over your ship, the render from the glow and light can be seen farther than your ship actually can, so turning them all off is really no disadvantage to you, and you'll be able to sneak up on people, or sail more safely if you're just on the horizon of some "on the lookout" pirates.'

♦ @Urthirz - 'One thing I did when I was about to log out but wanted to delivered the booty was this fun little prank I pulled on a galleon that consisted in cruizing by an outpost and quickly jump off with the chest in-hand Buuuut I did leave the small ship in a way that would continuing sailing without hitting anything .. Then I proceeded to deliver the chest and wait behind a rock as I saw the other crew of fools follow my bait :D They continued sailing chasing down ma' ship unaware I was in the Island :D It was quite hilarious :D'

♦ @TheJollyGrim - 'Anchoring and Departing to seek treasure on an island.

When you arrive at an island, to stop in your intended place, you often need to use the anchor. After anchoring furl your sail, and then raise the anchor again. You can turn your ship in a good direction for a quick escape with the anchor raised. Make sure to turn your sail in a direction that will catch the best wind once it is unfurled again. This will allow you to board your ship and unfurl the sail for a quick departure with your sail already aligned at the proper angle (barring a shift in the wind).

It is important to consider the side of the island you anchor on. If you're on the "inside" of the island, the side that puts your ship between the island and an outpost, you're more likely to be spotted. Anchoring on the "outside" of the island, the side that puts the island between your ship and the nearest outpost, makes you less likely to be spotted. This is especially true if your ship is anchored between an island and the edge of the map.'

♦ @Erinom3 - 'Park out of sight. Not just meaning in a cove, in a bay, behind rocks or such. Think about where ships sail from, where the outposts are, most frequent quest islands.
Try to spend more time looking around, than managing your ship. Set your sails when you arrive, angle your ship in the direction of your next quest or an outpost. I tend to be playing music and looking around me for other ships, than I am actually sailing.
If you care for your earned gains, I would recommend hiding your treasure on the island you stop at. Not just on the beach in a bush, preferably behind something that you can't see as you approach the island.
Regarding your treasure. Consider how many chests you think you can turn in if a ship is pursuing you, or if you spot another ship and it comes toward you.'

♦ @Deadly-Hawkins - 'Learn the important difference between North, North North East, North East, East North East, and East. The line between North and North East is North North East. This variance adds up to being far off of your destination. This is true for all other compass points as well.

You can jump from the crows nest onto the yard arm, then onto the deck to take less damage.

When looking for X marks the treasure, first look at your compass. Turn yourself to face North. Then look at your map. It always has North at the top. This way it is easier to see how the island is set up. Get as high as you can get, it is easier to see the island by looking down. You can stop your ship pointing at a island landmark on the other side. Then consult the chart table and zoom in. Then point the ship where you think the X actually is on the island. Then while on the island, you can look back at the ship and see where it is pointing.

Do not worry about dying or losing the ship. Both are not game breakers. Above all, have fun!'

♦ @RockinAmadeus - 'My tip is about cashing in some booty. Sail up to the outpost and set a course that runs the ship past the dock and towards your next objective. If you have a special chest, esp a sorrows, jump off as it passes the dock, cash it in, then get the mermaid back to your ship.

You can even set the sails and wheel to "cruise control" at proper speed and turn angle to put you on course to the next part of the journey.'

♦ @MetalSarDog - 'One thing I didn't see while skimming these posts was hiding your loot. On the galleons, you can place your loot 3 levels down and hope that a prospective thief will not make a successful run through the gauntlet back to the upper deck. On the sloop, I sometimes hide my loot in the crow's nest. That way, a thief is out in the open during their slow climb to the top (if they even check there). More often than not, an offending crew will check below deck, see nothing, then sink your ship and move on before even noticing the chests and skulls floating up from the wreckage.'

♦ @ImOnOne2800 - 'Only take one chest at a time to reduce disheartening when your boat gets robbed. Then try again rinse and repeat.'

♦ @hallower1980 - 'Keep your treasures on deck. Your boat isn't big enough to hide anything for longer than 15 seconds or so. And you're just as likely to benefit from quick access to flee with your loot or offload it at the outpost quickly.

The first thing I do when aboard a new ship is douse the lanterns. The exterior lights are useless except to give away your position at night. Mid-deck lanterns are also visible from afar. At least one cargo hold light can be kept on.'

♦ @DrBullhammer - - 'Take some time to practice with the sloop. Find a rock and circle around it to get a feel for the turning radius. Raise and lower the sails to see how it affects your speed and your turning. Practice your Crazy Ivan, anchor drop 180 turn, until you can get the most speed once the anchor is raised. Go to the north side of Crescent Isle and practice your cannon aiming at the shooting range, first while stationary and then while moving.

Once you've done that and feel better with your maneuvering, go after another sloop or a galleon. See how well you can evade and how well you can attack. Ram them to see how much it damages your ship and how much it damages theirs. Learn to kill the guys who jump onto your ship. Learn how to best patch and bail. If you have 5 holes in your ship, how would you go about patching and bailing? I know I can empty the hull, patch 2 holes, empty the hull, patch the next 3, empty the hull, look for any weepers near the map.'

♦ @erikinthebakery - 'One thing I've noticed when I'm sailing solo is I never make an extra trip for gathering supplies. If I'm going ashore, I empty my "pockets" real quick of cannon balls and planks so I have room to pick up more if I find them. As I have less cannons to fire, and shorter sides to repair (and am less likely to stay and fight) gathering extra supplies is just wasting more time away from my boat, and makes it more vulnerable.

Also, never underestimate the value of a well placed "Ahoy" chat message.'

♦ @IceMan-0007 - 'The main thing is stock your sloop! Any dry spit of land has supplies on it. Empty your inventory before you go on shore even when hunting for chests. Maybe carry 3-4 bananas cause with the skellies you'll need them. And you can always get more. With the sloop planks and cannon balls are your best friend. Those horrible patch jobs they let you do on the sloops around the map table area where you can still see daylight leak..lol if you have problems seeing cup your sail at the bottom gives you a clear view. If you anchor at an island raise your sails half way once the island name pops up on your screen your speed is reduced. Then you can either raise sail all the way and coast into the island. Or you can leave it and drop anchor then raise sails and then raise your anchor. You just gave yourself a quick escape if necessary.'

♦ @Bandaido - 'Along those lines, I do the same thing before I sneak aboard an enemy vessel. Loot their stores while I'm hunting for chests.'

♦ @Ever-Reddy - 'One tip I missed in my first few sessions using the Sloop is that if you set the view right on the big map, when navigating you can release the wheel, turn around and look down onto it to check your bearing without having to walk down the stairs.'

♦ @Bronzed-Johnson - 'One quick tip, look down to the below deck behind the capstan to get a quick view of your map instead of leaving the command deck.'

♦ @Ant-Heuser-Kush - 'I let the ship sail itself. I just handle the sails. I only make minor corrections when I need to. The view from the front is 100% better.'

♦ @CheatingPirate - 'One thing I learned was instead of turning before angling the sails, you angle the sails first, then turn, as you finish the turn you are already going faster.'



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18 hours ago, mr_woo said:

For anyone that wants to give this a go under Gamepass (and hasn't used Gamepass before) you can buy a months pass from cdkeys for £1.50.  When you redeem it it will give you another month free if you turn auto renew on.  Do this, complete the transaction and then turn auto renew off in the settings, profit :) 

Does this work on PC? I don't have Xbox but want to see if this will run on my PC and for this sort of price it's the perfect demo.


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I'm quite disappointed in the X patch to be honest. It ran perfectly before the X patch and still looked gorgeous. Now there's frames being dropped when swimming underwater and little details popping in. 


I'd expect that to be improved but it really shouldn't be an issue in the first place! 

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