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Sea of Thieves


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Not sure, I think the adventures have all really been terrible but with brilliant cinematics.
I won't be arsed with the pvp at all, done it already, Arena was a shithouse, cant see this being much more fun apart from slightly more evenly matched (in theory)
I don't really care any more as its all too easily cheesed (private alliance servers) and the tall tales have vanished. You can get Legend in a heartbeat without any of the effort or journey.

Noone actually speaks in the game anymore, it's sort of soulless without that, it's just sea of shitheads. Certainly it's utter crap compared to when we played "back in the day" but you cant blame them for that, theres only so much content before you go full on pvp bastard mode.
Sad but thats how I feel about it at the mo.

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Season 8 is absolutely sensational. Been away with work but finally got to try it and it has blew our socks off. 


I really like hunting, but honestly it was more fun hunting the old fashioned way, with the hourglass enabled. We managed to take on multiple crews, and multiple hunters for great gains, and so much fun. 


We also finally achieved ultimate edge lord sweat status with these sails purchased... On to the next cosmetic grind!!! 


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Stumbled across the Shrouded Ghost this weekend to our absolute delight. On top of making some amazing alliances that were heavy on the Chests of Legends grind we gained great rep, did a bunch of world activities and just had a blast.


I feel like we burst our years worth of luck on the Shrouded Ghost appearing, but we look even more Edge Lord now...




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Haha I was honestly blown away! 


I think it was our oath to be better pirates that spawned it. We decided with the launch of Season 8 we would only fight Reapers, and those who fired at us. Otherwise we would try and form alliances. 


If we want to sharpen our blades now we can just dive down to the depths. Speaking of depths... this game just continues to blow my mind. Cannot wait to see where it goes next! 

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We always do that - only fire at reapers, and concentrate on the PVE so if other ships are around, we'll bring out the alliance flag.


Joined an alliance with 2 other ships and did an Ashen Lord followed by 2 consecutive Fort of the Damneds.  First time on season 8 and went from renown level 1 to 27 in just a few hours.


Love successful nights like that!

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