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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Am I missing something?

I have the PS4 digital version (standard) I thought I would get a free upgrade to the PS5 version and then be able to pay for the new content/DLC?


I can’t buy the content and the PS5 tells me I need to buy the game to get it.

I had a look on the app and they want 8.99 to upgrade and no price on the DLC.



EDIT - I found it. Just took 20 minutes for the store to update.

85gig. What happened to games getting smaller?

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Go to the ffvii remake PS4 version on the store. Click on the three dots next to download

then view product

that will take you to the inter grade page

click on the three dots again 

choose final fantasy upgrade for PS4 version owners

download it

( This assumes you are accessing the store via ps5)

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Yeah it’s there. Go to the FF7 remake page and find the one that says for owners of the PS4 version. Ignore that it says £8.99 and add to library. Then be hit with a wall of text more convoluted than breeding a gold Chocobo.




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Here: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-PPSA01911_00-2887437947778581


Note: I don't own a PS5 yet but it does have an "Add to Library" button as I own Remake digitally. So I guess you should probably click this even if you're not getting a PS5 for some time (sort of how you add all of the PS+ games to your account each month. Everyone does that, right? 🤔 ) 

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10 minutes ago, Crhis said:

I wish I could give them money to upgrade my PS Plus version to full fat PS5 Intergrade. Could that be what the £8.99 is for?

That’s what I thought. Intergrade dlc is £15.99 on top.

The PS5 version of FF remake loads insanely fast. Gold standard if you ask me. Just pick the card from the dash to “resume Activity” and in 5 seconds you’re where you were. No splash screens or logo animations or anything.

The game still plays great but even though I played the PS4 Pro version at 1080p SDR 40” I’m not seeing any real benefit in the PS5 version. I’m so used to 60FPS now that it just looks “correct” rather than “‘wow”

Some HDR particle elements are a little strobey which could be uncomfortable for some, I’m guessing this was in the original.

There is a noticeable difference between the 4K 30 mode and the 60FPS mode but it’s subtle. I’m guessing the 60FPS mode is somewhere around 1440p with checkerboarding as there are some artefacts here and there.


Basically it’s still the best Final Fantasy game and if you haven’t played it it’s worth getting the PS5 version but If you just want the shiny stuff your not going to see much difference. So the question should just be “do I want 60FPS”


Not tried the DLC yet as I’ve forgotten how to play the game so I’ll go through the opening hours to familiarise myself.


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I honestly cannot fathom how badly Sony's store deals with this shit. Especially compared to what they're doing at Xbox. I love my PS5, it's a great machine. I loved Remake and I can't wait to play the DLC. But over the last two days I have had to download 180GB of game in order to upload save data that is already in the cloud. Then there's the panic of trying to work out which version of a game you've launched/are playing in. Then there's the sheer terror of deleting the PS4 version and hoping to God you've got the right one. 

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2 hours ago, BadgerFarmer said:

Mine works, finally. I've spent nearly an hour with Yuffie so far. I feel like she's going to annoy the shit out of those who didn't get on with the other characters. But they were wrong, so...


Yuffie was always annoying by design though. As long as she doesn't veer into Hope territory, it should be fine.

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